The Snappy Chariot - Complete Build For Sale - Melbourne Australia (SOLD)

Hey guys, I’ve decided to sell my build as a complete board. I am positioning myself to by a nice bit of music production kit and want to free up some cash asap. I will be building something a bit different in the near future though :slight_smile:

I am open to any questions about the build, parts, etc. Please check the build thread to see more detail.

I’m selling as a complete unit, not really interested in parting it out at this stage, but that my change. I’ve just added in the prices paid for each component so you can get an idea of what the build is worth when new:

Board: $140 Hot Potato - custom shaped with with a modified WB of 24.5" (see build) with Trucks: $120 Caliber II 50º trucks Wheels: $100 EVOLVE GT STREET WHEELS (83MM, 76A/82A) Wheel Pulley: $22 Enertion 36T - Motor: $219 Enertion 6372 190kv - this is a beast! Motor Pulley: $22 Enertion 15T Belt: $19 Enertion 12mm htd5 Motor mount: $87 Enertion Aircraft Grade Aluminium & Carbon fiber plate Remote: $70 - Enterion (Maytech) Vesc: $197 - Enertion VescX Battery: $469 Enertion space cell pro3 - 10S3P has about 25km range, and with current setup speed is around 39km/h (maybe faster for those lighter than my 92kg) Enclosure - $50 -Runplayback Sulaco enclosure Bearings - $25 Bones Reds Bushings - $40 Upgraded to Riptide KranK Barrel Longboard Bushings (Maroon 93a + White 87a))

Whaaaat? Extras!!!: Belts : x2 Entertion extra belts 12mm Motor mount: Enertion motor mount clamp and plate. Created from Enertion CNC files and Anodised Black Nano (Winning) Remote: Included for testing purposes only I had problems with drop outs Power Adapter - x2 power chargers for the Space Cell

So not including extras, $1600 spent.

More details:

  • Build completed at the end of 2016
  • Still in great condition with moderate use on weekends.
  • Always set to FOC and a very quick quick board… not for the faint of heart. A handful of members on this forum can attest to its “getup-and-go”.
  • I originally purchased a VESC 4.12 with gold warranty. As part of my original build warranty I received a received a VESC X.
  • Spacecell was warrantied due to a faulty BMS in January 2017. This space cell has been charged (definitely) less than 10 times.
  • Enclosure needed to be modified do accomodate the new space cell. The viewing window for the power indicator and the power button on the new space cell was shifted down slightly. Check photos… I’ve currently added a little tape across it so its not as open to the elements.

Suggested maintenance for the future:

  • Motor pulley is still totally fine and workable, however under heavy breaking I’ve noticed that the belt slipped a for a moment. This has only happened a few times when breaking hard. Suggest replacing with new at some point in the future.
  • I was going to repair or replace the enclosure due to the new alignment of the holes (because I like my shit tight son!). If this doesn’t bother you its fine to go as is.

ASKING $850 for a quick sale.

Again, feel free to ask any questions, and I’ll post some photos I’ve taken this evening below.


Sexy single…

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would you sell that spare enertion clamp separate? I made mine with hand tools but a cnc’d black one would be lovely

cheers also nice build.

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Thanks mate. I have one more but was saving that for my next build. We’ll see how the next couple days goes… I might offer it up. Send me a PM :+1:t2:

caliber 2s, 120 bucks?

Yep that’s what I paid. Actually that’s trucks and risers. I kept a spreadsheet over everything.

Legit calibers are super expensive in Aus, all those lucky Americans and there $30 caliber 2s

lol. Thats why I was surprised.

Super-legit board!

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Dropped price to $750
Pick up and inspection in either South Melbourne (Day) or North Caulfield (evenings).

I feel sad for all Aussi skaters and the markup prices they pay

Thanks guys, the board is now SOLD to another awesome esk8er :fist: