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The state of hub motors-summer 2018-overall thread

Alright so I’ve been reading through some older posts lately on hub motors, specifically hummies and the raptor 2 ones, and to a lesser extent carvon (even tho not technically hub motors), and I’m not totally sure whats going on. I’ll say up front I havent ready every reply in some of these threads because there are over 1000, but from what I can gather it seems like theres a few problems with the longevity of hub motors, and them rattling, as well as the size of axle they are mounted on. having enough rubber may be another issue, but it seems to be a lesser one. if I got anything wrong please correct/inform me. This thread is for anyone who wants to know whats up with hub motors without scrolling through a zillion pages of threads, and for the discussion of current hub systems and how they are doing. @Hummie @onloop @evoheyax If anyone wants to tag anyone else knowledgeable/relevant please do so.

In short, hub motor performance greatly affected by heat dissipation. Polyurethane does not thermally conduct heat well,

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You may want to include @torqueboards as well into the discussion as they also bring their own hubs and the upcoming direct drives, or was at axial drives? @b264 correct me if I’m wrong with the proper term. @torqueboards Recently posted photos on their newer drives it so He can definitely shed some light on here too

also I recall @hummie stating that 10mm and 12mm axels would really be the future for Hubs even before the more recent Raptor 2 axles breaking.

disappointingly its going to be another year till we really know whats what.

it seems everything is coming out relatively untested and looking to the forum’s feedback.