The Stealth Bomber | 36" Hyperbeast SS | FOCBOX Unity | R2.1 Hubs | 12S5P custom cell holder | D140

image The long awaited Hyperbeast build finally started. I’m naming this the Stealth Bomber because literally everything is black and I dont want to alter the matte finish of the deck anymore and I will be bombing the SF hills with this thing. Original plan was to sand down some parts to return to this render with CF showing at the wheel weel and edge. but realized that would require taking off too many layers (few Polyester, thick Epoxy then Carbon) image


Just bolted the Hubs on and already Sexy AF image

Testing the 12 cell Stagger stack holders. Very Staggered to decrease height. image image

I can only fit 5 of these holders in the small enclosure so either 10s6p or 12s5p. But I aint not p***y 45mph advertized 90kv hub here I go.

image The wiring is the most annoying. I need to do a Serpentine and then route the end back to the front. which I made a big champfer at the empty spot. Also have to edit each Boxes to add divider for and raised buttons. The lid was never a flush fit to begin with so I’m ok with what I have.


There actuallty isn’t a lot need to be done. Mostly just the battery building take the most time. then I will just drill holes for the 3.5mm bullets (eventually I want to cut a bigger hole and glue a MR60 as the external phase wire port). Drill 2 holes for push button and charge port and that’s about it.

I ran out of Orange PETG so used the clear ones I bought cus I can’t waste anytime. Goal is to have a functional board by Friday. Clear PETG is definitely less flexible but compression is still great.

Wired up 6s so far image Fits inside tight and perfectly image Closed the first box image

Update (1/24/19):

Took many hours to wire up the battery and the BMS. The cell holders with braid on the side (insulated with fish paper and ducttape) is a tight fit in this box.


Ended up just eye ball and drilled 8 holes and and fitted the phase wire through. The wire are just long enough to reach into the box so I use heatshrink to hold them together. IMG_20190124_034835

Here’s the electronics. BMS just flowing on top for the moment and unity double sided taped down. Haven’t drill the holes for the charge port and power button since I havent decide where yo pull them. IMG_20190124_041730 IMG_20190124_041738 IMG_20190124_034830 IMG_20190124_041758


P.S. If these hubs break down and I don’t hit 45mph I’ll declare @Hummie > @onloop. atm I view them as separate category product since hummies are only 84mm but has Centrax CP.

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as sick as this is, i would still read the deck as hbyepaesrt


lol he didnt do the letter cutout at the end. probably just got Lazy. I will do something about it

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how many amps will you put through those hubs? I think I read somewhere that they were rated at 8kw (2x4kw) but I may be wrong.

As much as I want. Unity is rated at 80A continuous lets start with that.

awesome build. I do wonder how the Raptor 2.1 hubs will feel with very thin urethane around the motors?

I would say they are as thick as the hummies. But Hummies are poured with Abec formula so :man_shrugging:

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will you be using a bms? charge only i’m guessing due to high amps.

D140 10char

That’s a convenient way of building a battery pack, but Is this reliable(cells contact done by pressure)? Would there be any need for spot welding or soldering? How would you connect the bms wires?

Love the battery enclosure idea! What are you using inside each one to link the cells together? Did you design these or download stl? Eitherway, would you be willing to share stl?

Winfly is using his own design for the compressions pack, and there’s another person on here who had the idea first and fleshed it out, but they’ve both shown to be valid ways to have a functioning battery pack


Im doing this exact setup but with samsung 30Q !! Keep us informed:D And your board Look really nice man

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what are your thoughts on the vtc6 cell degradation?

Not very concerned because the test I saw was done on 15A continuous 4.2-2.5v up to 90c cut off. Real world application rarly pulls more than 5 amps continuous and never that hot.

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@gmurad and @Shanian79, Two relevant threads for you.


Update and pics.


Definitely the Cleanest Drive Kit build so far! Can’t wait to see how this thing goes. The deck actually reminds me of the original raptor 1

2 rides today. More feedback on these hubs later.