The T1 | Gravity Twin Kick 38" | Caliber Trucks | Dual TB 6355 Motors | Dual Focbox | 10s5p

I’ve just finished up my first build, so here it is: The T1

Parts: Gravity Twin Kick Gotham 38" Deck Original Caliber Trucks Dual 6355s from Torqueboards Torqueboards Reverse Motor Mounts and 15mm Pulleys Torqueboards Nano Remote Dual Focbox Pitbull Electric Skateboard 10s5p battery 97mm 78A wheels from Build Kit Boards w/ Bronson Speed Co. Bearings Bluetooth Module from Build Kit Boards DIY Sheet Aluminum Enclosure

Setup: Motors running at +70/-60 each Battery running at +40/-10 total Running in CANbus DIY top-mount loop key

Performance: 30mph top speed [48.3 kph] Estimated 20-mile range Loads of torque Blows past a boosted mini on a hill

Price: I was lucky on timing so I got a bunch of things when they were on sale. The total came out to a little under a grand (excluding shipping).

Summary: It has been super fun building this thing and riding it. I have already rolled past 50 miles and haven’t busted, yet. Nothing has failed yet, but we’ll see about that by the 100-mile mark.

IMG_3633 IMG_3635 IMG_3632 IMG_3637 IMG_3636


Very nice. I’m surprised that the battery is good :thinking: Very cool loop key

I’ll be honest, It took a little while (3 months-ish) but I haven’t had any issues with it. Chris was very helpful with everything I asked him about during the planning phase. I still haven’t drained it all the way to get the true range, but 20 miles is a pretty good estimate. The loopkey came from the clean look I was going for and I didn’t want to put it on the side or back. Thanks though!

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