The-Tank Build Planning - Please help me catch anything i missed

Hello All,
I am in the final stages of planning out a Trampa on/off road build and thought I would get some feedback to see if I am missing anything.

My objective with this build is to have fun. It will be used as an occasional commuter to work (15 miles one way) and be able to get outdoors and play more often.

Considerations - I live outside of Seattle and at the top of a ½ hill that ranges from 15 - 20 degrees in climb.

  • Needs to be able to do 15 – 20 miles with steep hills
  • Needs to be able to haul my big ass around. 215 lbs
  • Would like it to be as weather proof as I can make it. (It its Seattle)
  • Needs to be able to navigate gravel & dirt trails

So with that said I have the following planned out.

  • 35° Mountainboard Deck (17 Ply).


  • 12201 - MBS Matrix II Truck System

  • 2x FLIPSKY FSESC 6.6 FSESC6.6 Simplify Version – Planning on putting these in a dry box NOTE: was thinking of doing the duel Flipsky version while I wait on the Focbox Unity but in reading that VESC is also another somewhat common fail point my thinking is I would rather replace 1 rather then be forced to replace a duel setup. Let me know if my logic is flawed here.

  • 2x MOTOR 6380 170KV from Torqueboard
    NOTE: Was looking at the Aliens but have seen a bunch of people having problems with them on the forums so I am now less sure of the quality / durability.

  • E-Troxx 10/40 GEAR DRIVE - HELICAL Gears - Support Bearing -Thanks @Nowind

  • Battery would be 18650s in a 12s7p config. – Currently talking with @Kaly on build time. (to chicken to build it myself I think for a 1st time build)

  • Photon Remote. Photon looks so sexy.

All orders are going in this 9/15. Any and all feedback welcome.

Lastly I would like to say THANK YOU to this community and the wealth of information it provides as well as all the inspirational build that all of you have done.


how about a helmet? :slight_smile:


Following. Looks like a great start to me.

I’m no expert, but I’ve been reading and researching alot trying to piece out my $$$$$ build.

I’m just curious as to why you’re looking at the dual esc option when running a single 6380? I mean, your setup should be more than efficient for what you’re asking, but if you’re already looking at the dual, step the motor down and do it. (In my opinion) I haven’t plugged your values into the esk8 calculator, but it looks like you have room to play with.

Another Seattle rider👍 Your build looks good to me. I’ve got a trampa in the works too. I’m using NESE modules for the battery. Works really well and is super simple to assemble/maintain

Looks good. I’m in the Seattle area and ride a Trampa. What are you going to use for a battery enclosure? I’m assuming you’re going to top mount the battery if you’re going to be off-roading your board.

@FourteeOZ Sorry you are correct there would be 2x 6380s mounted on the E-Troxx

@xclr8r am assuming it would be something close to a B&W 500 waterproof box. And yes mounted on top is the plan. @Kaly noted it would be included with the Battery build.

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@anon64938381 - Protective gear wise I am looking at full body armor, knee / shin guards as well as wrist and hand protection + a nice helmet as well. To old to think I am indestructible any more.


Oh ok. That thing will be a BEAST then!

Where do you guys ride your boards off-road in seattle?

I am on the eastside of the lake by about 35 minutes. I live about a mile from the Tolt Pipeline, which is pretty much a hard pack light gravel trail. Relatively smooth ride, not too hardcore. I also ride the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. It’s a little rougher ride with more gravel than the pipeline trail.

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Ok so I ride a kaly 10-15 mile range ( AT )12s4p 1850 smasung30q dual 190kv motors 15-20 mile range when I put street on . my mate built his own identical to mine but gets 30-40 mile range 12s5p 2100 and dual 170kv motors he only rides street wheels I would suggest a minimum of 12s5p 170kv or 190kv motors You gotta gets trampa holypro cos it’s cool (No range improvement lol) I love kaly and etoxx drive even though I ride belts I’m not sure about your choice of trucks , I only have experience with trampa

That range seems quite low.

All parts ordered. Next part is making sure I don’t screw up the wiring. This is what I am thinking. Let me know if i missed anything.


Honest builder to builder thoughts before your drop 2-3k on parts. part suppliers commented on below are our community lifeblood, no offense intended. No real order of importance in comments.

Remotes have screwed me in past. (Never felt or owned a photon) I always favor reliability over sexy time when it comes to remotes. I just came back from a glorious cluster fuck of 50 evolve riders all gathered tightly around a start point in San Diego. I suspect the spooky board runaways that ensued were from Bluetooth hiccups secondary to crowded shared freqs. Maybe a one off freak coincidence, but I backed away and turned off my beloved DIY firefly remote until we spread out. Gtb2 mod is fairly cheap and proven.

I’m coming from 2 years in Oahu (windward side, near daily AM rain), and childhood in north bend past isaquah. My evolve CGT rusted because I was lazy with seals and the on button wasn’t water tight. Loop keys, gaskets, stainless steel, and routine inspection are your friend. I also carry a waterproof hiking pack cover in case the esk8 gods piss on me.

There are several of other builders that can make reliable flex packs without delay. Kalys a busy guy who makes solid gear that people want. He probably has invaluable specific knowledge on most common points of failure in those damn bendy concave decks. There is value in that too.

I have a 3DServisas direct drive that has been finicky (maybe operator error). They are loud and don’t have the easy gearing adjustability of belts (changing motor pulley from 15t to 18t can be a day and night change in performance. Belts have a pretty damn good balance between cost, noise/feel, simplicity If set up correctl. I say this as a 170lbs rider, but I feel like in the highest torque demanding situations, I have smoked controllers, stripped motor pulleys off axels, and bent motor mounts before I popped a belt. All my broken belts had evidence of rando street debris trying to get friendly with exposed, low ground clearance belts.

Super reasonable conclusion. My parts graveyard is full of single motors with failed hall sensors, single vesc’s with smoked drvs and a fucking orphaned vesc6 with a mystery boot error an STLink couldn’t fix. This is the toll to get on the DIY train I guess. It would be tragic if these taxes were paid in duplicate.

Just finished my the required components to get my board running tonight. Looks like we have a very similar setup, mine being 8pimage image image

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Crazy big battery box. What are the outer measurements for it? Does it influence the driving comfort? I mean does your legs hit the box? What you think is the weight of the box only with the battery and stuff inside?

nice rug :sunglasses:

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The top of the box is 11x9.5x8. My legs don’t ever hit the box when riding. I have never ridden a mountainboard with smaller box so I can’t really compare. The box is probably 15-20lbs but I could be really wrong


Looking good! How’d the inaugural ride go?