The Temporary Board Build

So here’s the situation. When I flew back up to the Bay Area, the Southwest airline stopped me and disallowed me from carrying my Banshee on the plane. I tried to explain to them I removed the battery… but they didn’t care. Whatever, fuck them.

The good news is that I had just enough spare parts to build a ‘temporary board’ that will last me for the month. After that, I’ll likely sell it and recuperate what I spent on all those spare parts.

So what do I currently have?

Thanks to my secret santa… I’m now an owner of a set of 90mm TB hub motors. Talk about the perfect gift for the occasion.

Also paid my favorite viewing spot at San Francisco another visit:

While I was there, I also picked up a battery pack from my boy Jinra:

Pleasure doing business with ya.

Had my friend in San Diego send my other spare parts by mail… so if all goes well, I should have an assembled board by the end of this weekend. Stay tuned for how things turn out!


Board battery size. All that good info for the rest of us​:grin::grin::grin:

It’s a 10S4P 25r battery pack. Should be good enough for a 20ish mile range build.


What happened to your board, did they confiscate it?

Yeah it’s in their inventory whatever thing they have. I can have it back once I fly back.

Ahh ok that’s good then. I thought they might have completely confiscated it, that would have sucked

These came earlier than expected…


Damn. I won’t be able to make it to IKEA this weekend to buy a battery enclosure. That’s okay, I’m going ahead and buildin a state-of-the-art cardboard enclosure for myself. Just y’all watch.


Nice avenue trucks. Trying to compensate for the crappy roads in SF?

If you want state of the art, duct tape :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just trying to compensate for crappy roads in general. I’m super curious to see how well the avenue truck will do in terms of vibration handling. I’ll still be running the gifted paris truck in the rear.

not much, from what I can tell. tried psycho’s just pushing and I felt zero difference. also, its a spring with no dampening so I can imagine in a hard turn once compressed, it’ll rebound as hard as it compresses.


how much to buy one of those? looks great!

looks like a great board. Really amazing. Thanks!

Added a folding lid to make this enclosure a little easier to mount and water seal. Enclosure is mounted with industrial double sided tape.


If I had to sell the enclosure, I’d charge about 35$ give or take, given it takes me a good 2 hours to properly build.


Dude well done with the creativity and resourcefulness. The duct tape will surely hold up to serious punishment and keep everything nice and sealed…i need to try this sometime for a testing enclosure

Nice progress so far. Within 2 hours you did it.

The electronics are all wired up now, but now I’m having problems with trying to flash the firmware. The current firmware on the VESCs is 2.18, and I’m trying to flash them to the ackmaniac 2.54 firmware but with no luck. The VESCs will refuse to connect until I pull their power and try to reconnect then. Once I do that, I’m greated with the firmware still being read as ‘2.18’. Anybody has an idea what’s the issue?