The Too-Good-To-Be-True Board

Okay, so I’m about to make my own eSk8 board because of all of the chatter that you can make them how you want, won’t be as expensive as the other prebuilt boards, and might even have better specs! But then I came across this board: Here are its claims:

40kmh/25mph 35km/21.7 mile range 2hrs charge/45 minute fast charge $599 USD/about £562.49

What’s the downside? There is no way this can all be true for the price! And a bunch of youtubers have reviewed it and said it was great! Thoughts?

Don’t expect to get anywhere near that range with a battery that size

Yep it will not live up to the specs…

Unless you weigh 130lbs , ride slow on smooth concrete…maybe

…and it doesn’t break in the first week or month.


Also I would say it probably doesn’t have much hill climbing ability. They most likely chose parts that get its speed high (for example, a 280kv motor will get more speed and is less expensive than a 190kv motor which will get good torque).

However, I wouldn’t know as I have never used the board. It’s just my speculation.

Maybe 22 miles… downhill

Expect 3 miles at best, expect to ride no faster than 15 mph, expect to slow down to 8 mph on hills, expect it to last a month max, expect to feel like you wasted your money.

I’ve broken it down in threads before, you can’t get these parts in quality at factory bulk prices to make a dual for less than $1100. So for them to make money on that board means they are spending at most $400. A good battery to get that 22 mile range will cost $350 in cells alone. So something is fishy with their parts, and I would not trust my life with such a cheap product.

Smart chip to avoid sudden acceleration or sudden brake, safe;

That means, less take away your acceleration so you don’t pull too many amps and can get better range. I want sudden, instant acceleration. In an city environment, instant acceleration and braking is safe, as you can get out of the way of impending death by cars. So they have this backwards.

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Why those cheap board look all the same :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… this look like a copy of the genesis . Or is the genesis the copy?

But what if the Koowheel is a copy of the Lectric which is a copy of the Genesis which is a copy of the alibaba boards? Hmmmm

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The claim a 10s 4400 mah Samsung battery hahahahahahaha, that would cost alone 2/3 of the price

Are there any reviews for this board? I think they spammed their board and the link to it, into the electric skateboard facebook group…

Also seen then spam their links in youtube comments also…

The speed also looks very fishy to me… I would ask them to show the picture of how the batteries look etc… If they have a close ties to manufacturing I think they should at least be able to send you a cad / 3d model or something…

Also, there’s probably only 2 batteries in parallel and 4400mah does seem quite low, perhaps they got the 25R or similar, then the theoretical max discharge could be 40A, but I think all the boards who want to go faster should at least have 60A capability. So yeah, im not a hub motor expert, but I would say that the realistic speed might be more like 25-30kmh or so…

Though, battery info would be great, im not sure which batteries have 2200mah per cell… and also it is not 100% sure they dont cheat with that 4.4 ah rating as well…

It actually is a “samsung battery” but its a 22p cells or similar. 10A max discharge 2150mah. they won’t last! 10s2p only 20A MAX.

I’ve ridden a version of this board, its not that bad if you get it directly for about $400 or less.

You may as well go for the new magneto, exact same board but only £499