The troll | Enertion CF deck | Dual TB's 6355 Sensor | 10S | Build completed

great to see some innovations

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Yes i will post it up on thingiverse, probably tonight.

With the VESC


That looks solid ! See, this is how VESCs should be delivered, it looks sturdy and the capacitors are protected.

Finally done, but it’s still snowing out :frowning:


looks super high tech inside there! love it!

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That is just some beautiful work. WOW!! That dual VESC mount is a really practical solution! Props dude!

Thanks guys, the big piece of the puzzle here is the bms. It’s a nice Esk8 intergrated solution, with the help of @onloop.

it offers plenty of standalone features. Like CC-CV charging (constant current, constant voltage), over current protection, short circuit protection, UV and OV protection, balanced charging and a individual cell bleeding circuit in case of OV.

Usb output for charging a remote and programming the vesc. Soft start button with a momentary switch and onboard 60A fuse.

This is the first working prototype, i still have a few bugs to iron out. I’ve done enough lab tests to deam it road worthy.


Really cool work there.

This place holder for VESCS and capacitors is just epic. Great work !!! What kind of on/off switch do you use ? Isn’t it the same switch that Torqueboards and Enertion had problems with in their battery packs ? . …hmmm…wait a second…is it the BMS that onloop showed in one of his videos ?

Where did you get those nickle strips? I can’t find them anywhere!

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Hello this is a nice holder you have here. Did you ever uploaded ? If so can you give me the link :slight_smile:

Actually no haven’t uploaded it. Wasn’t satisfied with the layout, i’m still playing around with it.

Could send it to you if you want though

That will be very nice

I just PM you with my email. Thank you once again :slight_smile:

I would also be interested in the files for it.

Also, what model of capacitor did you use?

Thanks in advance.

Where can I find those filezzzz?

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Seriously @Blasto, could you upload it and share the links?

it was a good solution at the time… but now i’m waiting for my pair of VESCX.


bringing this thread back from the dead lol wow @Blasto that looks amazing i want to do something similar but i already have space problems with my dual focbox set reciever and HM10 blue tooth module in there but i would really like to see the current state of your board.

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hey thanks for the thread revival. Yes this board is still alive and kicking. I rebuilt it at the beginning of the summer with a pair of focbox’s and loaned it to my buddy… haven’t see it since lol.

Sadly i just noticed that i didn’t take any pictures, but i do remember having plenty of room inside the enclosure.