The troll | Enertion CF deck | Dual TB's 6355 Sensor | 10S | Build completed

Hello this is a nice holder you have here. Did you ever uploaded ? If so can you give me the link :slight_smile:

Actually no haven’t uploaded it. Wasn’t satisfied with the layout, i’m still playing around with it.

Could send it to you if you want though

That will be very nice

I just PM you with my email. Thank you once again :slight_smile:

I would also be interested in the files for it.

Also, what model of capacitor did you use?

Thanks in advance.

Where can I find those filezzzz?

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Seriously @Blasto, could you upload it and share the links?

it was a good solution at the time… but now i’m waiting for my pair of VESCX.


bringing this thread back from the dead lol wow @Blasto that looks amazing i want to do something similar but i already have space problems with my dual focbox set reciever and HM10 blue tooth module in there but i would really like to see the current state of your board.

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hey thanks for the thread revival. Yes this board is still alive and kicking. I rebuilt it at the beginning of the summer with a pair of focbox’s and loaned it to my buddy… haven’t see it since lol.

Sadly i just noticed that i didn’t take any pictures, but i do remember having plenty of room inside the enclosure.


Me too. It’s sad to be restricted to a 10s3p battery, Like you I need room for the two focboxes and HM10s

But @Blasto did it lol.

Jason says there is a new battery being developed for the Raptor 1 but im assuming its just going to be a 10s3p with 30q cells and i wouldnt hold my breath for it to come out. I went out on a Ride with a buddy that has a GTX and when i was getting down to 10% with severe voltage sag he still had 80% battery… mind you my board is a hell of alot faster and i weight more but damn.

maybe if i ask nicely @blasto could build me a similar pack to what he has with 30q cells :slight_smile:

That’s why you ride with a few Boosted people, they make you look good hahahah.

haha unfortunately the boosted group down here is segregated they ride together and dont let others join their group… thats no fun at all.

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I need to do this

How much clearance have you got between the motors? I’m wondering about doing a dual-6355 build on a 180mm truck as well, but with 15mm belts. Looks like you have 12mm here and it’s already a pretty close fit.