The troll | Enertion CF deck | Dual TB's 6355 Sensor | 10S | Build completed

Here is my part list:

Enertion CF deck 195mm Paris trucks 83mm Flywheels TB’s motor mounts TB’s 6355 Sensored motors 10S 18650, still contemplating 3P or 4P Vesc Vchuck

Initial work was done on the Paris trucks, the trucks were conical and the mounts were not getting a good bite on the trucks. So I got a 3/4" tube, cut a slit in to it, slapped the trucks on a lathe and removed material up to the ID of the tube.


Now the motor mounts are bitting really good on the trucks and the motors are well inline with the wheels

My initial plan was to go for 10S4P using normal cell holders, but after building my pack (cut twice measure one) I realized I wouldn’t have much space for anything else and the cutouts are not aligned.


So here are my battery options -FISA (F*** it, start again) with 10S 3P with cell holders -Remove the cell holder and rebuild the pack, that will save me about 38mm of enclosure space -split the 10S pack and leave room under the cutouts and remove the cell holders.

And the todo list: -3D print VESC mounts -3D print power switch, power input and LCD screen mount.


You sir, are a battery magician, Wish i could do that too, looks so slick compared to the bulky lipo’s. You’re work on the paris mounts is also something i would not even dare to do. Following this thread.

Mind to share with the community your 3d stl file parts? haha awesome log bruv

Thinking out loud here,

splitting the pack in to a 8S4P and a 2S4P could be doable with some printed cell holders

To bad this config doesn’t work, would have been nice.

10S3P seems to be the easy way out here… mucho space for everything

Finally opted for the more chanllenging split pack. One pack is 8S4P and the second one is 2S4P. This will allow me to have clerance in the openings for the LCD screen, power button and charge port.

I got lazy and didn’t print cell holders, just taped them together before wiring them up


What happened to your nickel band? Looks burnt or something?

I only had this nasty brown flux to solder with. Nothing is burned

Oh right. Excellent job on the battery.

First printed part, VESC and capacitor holder.



Nice. Would you mind to share the stl. file for your VESC and capacitor holder? Pretty awesome and well done :smile:

great to see some innovations

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Yes i will post it up on thingiverse, probably tonight.

With the VESC


That looks solid ! See, this is how VESCs should be delivered, it looks sturdy and the capacitors are protected.

Finally done, but it’s still snowing out :frowning:


looks super high tech inside there! love it!

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That is just some beautiful work. WOW!! That dual VESC mount is a really practical solution! Props dude!

Thanks guys, the big piece of the puzzle here is the bms. It’s a nice Esk8 intergrated solution, with the help of @onloop.

it offers plenty of standalone features. Like CC-CV charging (constant current, constant voltage), over current protection, short circuit protection, UV and OV protection, balanced charging and a individual cell bleeding circuit in case of OV.

Usb output for charging a remote and programming the vesc. Soft start button with a momentary switch and onboard 60A fuse.

This is the first working prototype, i still have a few bugs to iron out. I’ve done enough lab tests to deam it road worthy.


Really cool work there.

This place holder for VESCS and capacitors is just epic. Great work !!! What kind of on/off switch do you use ? Isn’t it the same switch that Torqueboards and Enertion had problems with in their battery packs ? . …hmmm…wait a second…is it the BMS that onloop showed in one of his videos ?

Where did you get those nickle strips? I can’t find them anywhere!

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