The Twins | 2 Red Ember Calderas | 2 sets TB 218mm trux | 4 TB 6374 motors and mounts | 4 Ollins ESCs | 8 Six Shooter wheels | 2 Bara 10s4ps | 2 MasterCho CF enclosures

Letting buddies ride my boards is a slippery slope…been asked to build 2 boards…decided to do them as twins - the same but with some cosmetic differences.

All parts either here or coming:

2 Caldera boards from @treenutter 4 6374 190kv motors from @torqueboards 2 sets TB 218mm trux and TB mounts 2 sets of @psychotiller Six Shooters 2 CF enclosures from @MasterCho (1 blue - 1 Black) 4 Ollin ESCs from @chaka 2 10s4p batteries from @barajabali 2 Alienpower controllers

Boards in progress:

Enclosures sample pix:

Six Shooters sample pic:

Ollin ESC sample pic:





My god these are going to look amazing when they’re done. :heart_eyes:

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Couldn’t resist a mock up with the 218…6374s…and mbs wheels…


Duuuude these look sick! A quick question

  1. 2x 6374 motors fits on the TB 218mm trux with 12mm belt drive with no problem?

The wheel pulley in the pic is @Titoxd10001 15mm…plenty of room to adjust with moving clamps and using spacers on axles…in the pic I just put 2 wheel bearings on each axle to space out…lots of flexibilty…

These will be running @psychotiller 6 shooters when they get here with 12mm belts…

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Great, thanks for the info. Going to buy a pair of these trucks then!

Twins mock up

@treenutter @psychotiller @torqueboards @barajabali @MasterCho @chaka


Those six shooters look nice with those flat profile tires! Nice work @psychotiller, I need to order a set!


Looking really nice! Is it me though or are those motor shafts way too long?

The shafts are long on these TB 6374s…this is just loose mock up…still waiting on batteries and escs

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I’ve had to grind off some of those before. No big deal. Those are going to be really sexy twins!

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What mounts are these? I have the tb mounts but the clamps are to small for the trucks.

The 218mm clamps from tb

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Unfortunately the chat attendant on @torqueboards website told me the regular clamps would work. Now I’m having to wait for a response from Dexter about getting clamps.

There’s a little ridge on flat side of the TB hanger. it makes it not flat. Thats the only reason your clamp doesnt work. It would be really easy to flatten out that ridge with a dremel or file.

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Such a sweet build, I love the deck and the six shooters.


You these things running yet Crush?

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Still waiting on escs and batteries…;(


I’m interested 1 like yours …Q. do u sell 1 perhaps build 1 for me…? if YES plz replied…!!!

@Crushkrew do you think this board would clear 8" MBS wheels?