The Ultimate conversion / Road monster Motobécane M11

So after building tons of eskates, I have all my needs. An AT board a speed demon and a jet Spud for city cruising.

But… I still wanted to build so I built a few ebikes for my friends and it was a lot of fun !!

Right now the real deal :

The legendary Moped , the motobécane M11 DSC_0305

Tadaaaaaaaaam I got it for 150 euros.

I have just spent the day removing the motor and all the parts that I don’t need ! Here is the beast with all the space it has to offer


For now I think I will replace the old motor with a car alternator to keep the cost down like this one :slight_smile: IMG_20180916_170705


I don’t know if I can use a VESC with it what do you think ? Otherwise any Chinese ESC from eBay will do the work but they are big so having a VESC would help to have more batteries.

Tell me what you think :slight_smile: all opinions on the project are welcome


That’s a sweet little bike. I suppose you need to do that math and make sure the vesc can handle what you’re demanding of it.

How much does it weigh stripped down like this?

I haven’t weighted the thing yet but without motor I’d say around 25 kg I was really surprised by the weight actually, it’s really a Mobike !

Yeah I really need to figure out if a VESC is safe to use, I know for running an alternator I need a 1500 w ebike Chinese ESC as I’ve done test before and it work like a charm.

I am as well unable to find the efficiency of a car alternator online, I don’t know if it’s worth it to use since I would assume the efficiency is not very good since it was in a gaz powered vehicule, but this is just assumption. I might as well use a hub motor ( would be tricky to do ) or a mid drive, but that would require a lot more work since I would need to design a motor mount

Cool idea man! You should look at what those arc 200 guys are doing with scooters. Using brushless wiper motors and getting 40 mph and such with dewalt power tool batteries. They’ve got a video on you tube which is a good watch even if its nots useful

I know right? That was impressive as hell.

I’ve been thinking about picking up an old sx125 and gutting it, install an big ass 80mm motor with chain drive and a massive 10s or 12s pack with one of the ARC 200 ESCs.

It would be fun and street legal.


I loved the idea. The esc is not all that expensive either when you only have to buy one! My son has a drift trike that I have been hanging to power up for science. Fun days ahead. This carries on we may have to start another forum lol

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Yeah, and 200a makes it’s useful for much larger applications.

I bought my wife a nine-bot scooter awhile back. It’s so slow and torque-less it just pissed me off to ride it. I may use one if the ARC 200s and a lipo pack, make it a killer-scooter or “kooter” :smile:.


Don’t you dare use that test unit!!! That name sounds like the start of something though…

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Mamma always said I was too dumb to be scared :metal::metal::metal:


What? :no_mouth:


I’m gonna tell her you said that, she’s from a long line of hillbilly warriors, you should be afraid :smile:


I would have a look at a video by Austiwawa on how he uses a car alternator to run his electric go kart. I think he use a 2000w ebike controller.

If you were to use a vesc you would need one capable of running 12s or higher at about 45-50amps to get your 2000watts. A flipsky v6 with alu case might be up to the task

I have some focbox laying around I could use, you don’t think it’s enough ? I am planning to have a 13S battery ! I’ll look forward for a flipsky !

article may be helpful (been thinking about importing one)

Hmm, with a heat sink a focbox might be good. I guess it won’t be running at high currents for the whole time

Closely following this, i’m researching on building an bike too. Thinking about doing a 13S on ESCape :grin:

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Some update guys, during the last 10 days I bought a Shit load of parts, from new blinkers… to a 3000 W motor !

Basically it’s the list :

1.72v 3000w hub motor with 17"x1.60 rim 2.sabvoton controller 72v 60A ( fully programmable , comes with Bluetooth ) 4.brake lever with regenerative braking
5. 3,5 inch display for all speed, odometer, lights… Etc 6. DC/DC converter 72 V to 12V 7. Some stealthier blinkers, head and tail light with led 8. stealthier mirrors 9. Feet resting bars 10. Disc brakes for my back wheel since I will have a hub motor the original brakes won’t work Everything is ordered !

I have as well tought a lot about the design I would use. First I thought I would use the tank as a battery. But it cannot have enough batteries inside. I decided to change the design radically and modify the frame, then I’ll sand everything and finish the parts with thermo epoxy paint. Pure Shiny black. Unfortunately I have no Photoshop skills so the results will talk by themselves when the project will be done :slight_smile:

The plan is to transform this moped to a motorcycle looking vehicle kind of like so IMG_20180927_194357 I will as well weld some side panels on each side with 1,5 mm thick steel with nickel treatment to avoid corrosion , cut these plates as I wan’t to seal the whole body to place safely my huge battery and electronics. I have to create a removeable panel on one side to have an easy access on everything but I’m not sure how to do that yet, I 'll find a solution sooner or later :slight_smile: IMG_20180927_183129 Over these panels I will use as decoration some veneer design with some very tiny layers so it’s not too heavy or too thick, gonna look awesome with pure epoxy black IMG_20180927_183123 The battery will be wether a 14S15P 50.4 V or a 20S11P 72V I’m not sure yet. Will be a question of what is the speed I’ll get with what voltage , can the mathematicians of the forum help on this ? I can provide lot of info and measurements but I’m not the best at maths !

One thing is sure tho the battery will fit easily, 220 cells of Samsung 29E 2900A. They’re cheap and very good for big very large battery packs. Of course there’s better but I don’t wan’t to spend 1200 euros on cells alone :stuck_out_tongue: ( CF/ RIP Sanyo cells for me ) IMG_20180927_153257

But I decided not to go cheap on this build in the end I kinda wan’t to surpass myself on this one and make the best build I can make at the moment. And caring about all the details. So I will restore every single screw of this old thing to give it a new life and live the Pinnacle of our little electric revolution.

I have already this summer did a similar build while doing my Carvon V4 esk8 it way waaaaaaaay more cheap but working very well so far. The problem is that it has a lot of inefficiency in almost all it’s parts so I don’t have a great range and the build is not very well finished A quick snap of this one : IMG_20180919_175503 IMG_20180920_222846 IMG_20180927_184146

As always if you have any question or suggestions help yourself :slight_smile: I hope you enjoyed the read as much as I am enjoying building this one haha



for inspiration :slight_smile:

great build! stoked to see this, thank you


Dude, this is so awesome! Can you provide the links to your parts?

Tell me what do you want to know I will tell ya Or do you want all the parts ?

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