The wanderer | Landy Evo | 4WD TB DD | 12S?P | 2x Focbox Unity | Evo enclosure | TB110/Pneumatics/Gummies

Hi guys

I’m about to build my first DYI eSk8

Only had a raptor2 before - nice board, but I wanted Direct Drives

After a long time not knowing if I should risk a buy from Carvon, there are now finally DD’s coming out I guess I was the first person who ordered @torqueboards new DD Motors (I was and am really hyped :slight_smile: )

Also ordered me 2 focbox unitys and a photon remote, as i wanted to have a remote wich shows me me my battery stats in a usefull manner

Now I don’t really know what deck I should choose. I want to be able to mount pneumatics when Dexter brings them out, to go offroad and to have stability for ful speed riding (50kmh)

I was thinking about an Landyachts Evo, but I’m not shure if it’ll work with pneumatics and if it is suited for offroad rides So my current idea is to get something trampa like, as they are especially for offroad and i guess with that they are also trimmed for high stability

Edit: I bought me an Evo, from what I’ve seen it should be perfect

For the Battery, I want the biggest :stuck_out_tongue: I want to use my board for traveling after I finished my apprientice ship next summer, so I’d like to have a range arround 100km Would be nice if it’s doable with 1 pack, but I’m also ok with having spare packs to change (1 big battery preffered)

Enclosure: eBoosted Evo or Evo DS

My idea is to have both sides separate -> front motors have their own focbox, receiver, battery and back motors have it the same So one side could “blow up” and I wouldn’t have to worry instantly as I still would be able to use the other side of the board What do you guys think?

A second point is a BMS, what sugestions do you have here? Is there a good charge/discharge BMS?

thanks for any help!


In an application like this wouldnt it not be a bad idea to Have some kind of connectors on the ouside of your enclosure connecting the Battery and focboxes(just an example of what it could be between, please let me know if this is bad for it) that, in an emergency (say your board starts to full power accelerate) you can pull so you dont get injured?

I worry about breaking everything so I figure just in case it decides to go haywire, I should have a plan.

Would this require something to be soldered to the focboxes incase the caps fill up after I disconnect the battery?

Sorry if this isnt the right area but your board just made me think of it. Please be careful with 4wd also, I think after @Battosaii went down on his 4dw evo we all see that its kind of excessive, and might even add to failure rate. Be safe :slight_smile:

100km on pneumatics would be insane. Are you thinking top mount, bottom mount or both for the battery ?


He might as well invest in a body suit that holds 18650s :rofl:


I fell because if a mechanical failure that was compunded by the extra grip of the pnumatics wheel and that wheel beeing up front.

I’m just amazed that the belt didn’t snap instead of the motor mount bending.


I kinda like that idea :smile: …until I fall and everytihng explodes arround me :bomb:

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would like to go bottom mount but I would also accept both

i think you would need somewhere excess of 16p with 30q’s for that kind of range

Absolutely mental

EDIT: i checked, would need to be 19P at 12s EDIT 2: thats about 10kilos in 18650’s!


That is about what I calculated for pneumatic. Around 8-10p for street wheels

hmmm… maybe yes, but it would be an exposed wire and if there is some rain… better not also if I have both sites separate 1 should still be alright (at least I would hope so) and could be used to slow down the board

my plan would be to bring the board to flip wait a second, if I use pneumatics they will be bigger than the board…

don’t be sorry, it’s always good to share your opinions, especially on safety

Not informed about what happend with @Battosaii’s board, but i guess he had it built as one system? I’d say yes, on such a setup it might be more failure prone. But for me the dual system idea is to prevent bad things to happen, if one side goes down or makes some shit

Will try to stay as safe as possible - currently researching on armor Do you know any good wrist protection?

is there an enclosu that can hold that much batteries? :grin: I’ll try to go arround 8p -> 2x 4p as i think that’s the max i can get intoany enclosure unless i go bottom and top mount

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@Eboosted has enclosures that will fit 12s 8p

as for 19p? nope nothing like that on the market (that i know of)

Interesting wish list, and I suppose it’s great to aim high ! 100km on AT wheels is probably going to be optimistic (at best). Certainly will be if you like the look of stealthy boards and standard under deck battery enclosure mounting. Of course anything is doable but the results won’t be pleasing on the eye!

Looking forward to seeing how you progress on this project.

My set up is 4wd I had a belt get caught in the idlers cause the tension became too loose and it locked one wheel up.

without optimism (and some craziness) you won’t be able to achieve something great. But you’re totally right, my realism says it won’t work, but let’s see :smiley:

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shit! I hope you didn’t get hurt that’s exactly why I never want a belt setup

Totally agree. It’s just I like stealthy boards, and whilst I get why mtb esk8 need top mount batteries, I just don’t like the look of metal boxes inbetween the foot placements. This is probably the only way you’ll get that many cells needed for that much range though.

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Without to promote myself :sweat_smile: I‘m running a quad with pneumatics and nothing sides separated from each other

If you want an insane range I wouldn’t recommend to go quad. It’s just not really efficient. The same with chains, they cut you range over belts. I have 2x 12s 5Ah lipo packs and I get like 12-15km out of them.

What you could do is to split your battery in two parts. A12s8p in a Eboosted enclosure under your deck and a 12s8p top mounted. With it you can also connect the two sides independently from each other.

I don’t run a bms as I use a balance charger for my lipos, but I use a fuse for each battery pack to save it up.

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I‘m not expert on dd, but how you want to mount them on a trampa deck! The deck has a 35degree angle on the nose and tale. Normal longboard trucks will not fit there.

I guess you meant 2x 12s 5Ah?

Nice build btw! Is that just with belts or also with DD? As I imagine that 2 or 4WD wouldn’t make much difference in efficiency