The weirdest board

I like the long wheels!

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has some similar design ideas as BMW Street carver


Those wheels are crazy looking! They should definitely emphasize the “life span” part.

The wheels look like red Mac pros lol

I was a poor college student when that BMW Carver was around. By the time I got a “real” job and was able to afford one they were discontinued and crazy expensive. That truck would make an interesting esk8

They do. Was looking for the longest skate wheel. These are sims pure juice I think. I think they’re bringing them back.

This was on that site’s instagram:

The Tag Heuer Electric Board designed by @guen.park channels the aesthetic of the watchmaker brand with a lux combination of carbon fiber and rose gold.

It features smooth regenerative braking that provides firm response that won’t throw you off your board. That’ll come in handy when you reach top speeds of up to 60 mph! With a range of 35 miles between charges, it’s ideal for the last mile commute or simply zipping around town in style. An intuitive remote control with an easy-to-read LED interface allows the rider to control speed and breaking with an ergonomic thumb-wheel. Better yet, there’s a built-in compartment located directly on the deck to keep the remote safe and secure for the next time you use it!

Oh, if only.

it’s just a concept vehicle designed on desired possibilities. I wonder if they would tell u how to charge it. The dirty underbelly of electric vehicles no one wants to mention in a fantasy. When is Cap (capactor) board going to come out? How much capacitance can u jam in a board see days?

I’ve actually spent a decent amount of time researching capacitors and super/ultra capacitors. Super caps can put out high current and can store a surprising amount of power, but because their dielectric is so thin they are usually made to be around 3.0V(higher voltage will go right through) where the caps we use for the vesc are 60V but have a much higher internal resistance. So to achieve a high enough voltage supercapacitor pack you will have exceeded the cost and weight of a normal pack. Currently the best bet is to just double up on our already thin battery packs and you’ll have a better result.

Yes batteries. Chemical energy storage is king but how much energy can be squeezed in a typical skateboard shape? That’s what I’m hoping to hear. Is it even a contender because the lifetime of caps is awesome as well as charging speed. I imagine u wouldn’t worry about having enough amps from a weak battery again. Maybe they’re a fire risk as well. Even if it could do one mile …isn’t that possible. Energy density of caps : energy density batteries

I must say…that’s one sexy board.

I have talked to a few supercapacitor companies about using their products for small EVs and it definitely is doable. However, in addition to the cost and range hit you take on the caps they are also heavier than the comparable battery pack. So if i wanted to spend the dough I could make one but in all ways other than it being a sweet proof of concept it really isn’t worth it at this time. :weary:

On a side note supercaps have a really small operating voltage where they function efficiently, this makes them particularly hard to use as a primary power source. But they work brilliantly in large formats as a secondary Power source to reduce peak power draw like when a public transit bus needs to start from a stop.

There’s the Chinese cap bus and it uses caps as the only power source I think.

What do you mean by a small voltage range They run efficiently ? I thought they were a very efficient energy storage device. Batteries are efficient at all voltages. Excellent.