The Winterstick

This is the bad boy I want to convert…

Feels like the only obstacle is a flexible battery solution… Anyone got any pintails electrified?

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@cmatson did one a while back.

I would recommend a split configuration, they th pack dosnt need to be’ flexible’.

Any pics / examples you can show?

Feels like it’s a split config with battery packs at one end (laid out horizontally and independant of each other), and ESC etc at the other end.

Think you could get away with one of the enertion / torqueboards battery packs, or better to do a DIY / RC battery pack build using a few packs?

Also - the trucks aren’t wide enough, so not sure what it’s going to look / feel like with wider trucks on board.

Don’t think something that large will fit. Custom 18650 is the way to go. Or Lipo’s. @Dunkirk has some enclosures for the split config. He is currently posting them on the eSk8 Market.

It’s a 46" board so don’t think space is the issue - think it’s more the bend?

Cool - I’m not ready to make my own batteries yet, so all I gotta do is find someone to do it in the EU!

Yes the bend is the issue, not space. There has to be someone lurking around that can do custom batteries in the EU.


will try that route…

awesome host deck, not enough people building pintails…