The Wobble | Custom 23 inch Deck | SK3 245 kv | Enertion Mount | 6s 5000mah | 120 A Esc

Hey fellow builders! Today I completed my first build. It started in late september when I stumbled across the boosted board. Since I am a student and I don’t have a lot of money I started Iooking for cheaper boards. I also wanted something more portable than a boosted. Since nothing like that with a decent quality was available on the european market I started to research about building one myself. I discovered this forum and building seemed to be easy, so I ordered most of my parts the following days.


  • 23 inch deck cut from a very abused skateboard
  • Plywood enclosure
  • 2 x 3s 5000 mah turnigy lipos in series
  • Hobbyking 120 A x-car esc
  • Turnigy sk3 245 kv motor
  • Enertion single drive kit
  • Enertion nano x
  • 12° Bolzen angled risers (to extend the wheelbase)
  • Prophet sport plus 6s lipo charger (Bought localy)
  • Battery percentage display
  • Connectors and stuff

My nano x which had connecting issues anyways broke (my fault) so I bought a mini remote from

Total cost around 650€ mostly due to import tax and shipping. I would do a lot of things differently now than I did, it was a very rushed decision.

Some pictures of the build progress:

The concept:

The deck:

The enclosure:

All the parts:

First time soldering:

First assambly:

Modified motor shaft to fit a key:

Spray painting the deck:

Test fitting again:

The enclosure could have been bigger

The finished board:



That would be a great board for getting to the bus or trolley or around campus. Easy carry on. Nice work


Thank you! :grin: I have not ridden it yet, hopefully it’s not too wobbly :sweat:

That look awesome. I just finished a build similar to this and these mini boards are fun to ride

Nice to know! :blush: What’s the size of your cruiser? Can’t wait to test it out when the weather gets nicer here.

Just get some good bushings like Riptide 90a and tighten them down and you should be fine.

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Will definitely try that, thanks!

My board is 23.5 with about 17 inch wheelbase using 150mm hangers and 15mm belt. It’s a bit sketchy at times because there is less room for error on your part but that’s what makes it fun. I recommend a foot stop to find foot placement and for bushing you’ll want harder than stock since with small wheelbase you already have good turning, you might even consider double barrel bushings.

Thats a very similar build indeed! Harder bushings are already on my list, I might also get freeboard bindings if I decide to keep that form factor.

As @Titoxd10001 said, definitely double barrel. And maybe harder than 90a. You probably should try 95a

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I see I will have to experiment with bushings a little bit.

Ok, I just noticed that you have wedge risers on. Those change the angle from 50deg to much higher and will cause quicker turning and less stability. You would do better with regular risers.

I would not recommend bindings. I purchased some for my mini board but do not use them because you lose foot room so your feet are even closer together (hard to balance). With a foot stop you still have that locked in feel but you can pivot your back foot freely. Plus on such a small board for me in my experience I’ve had to bail a couple of times.

Yes i know, I chose those to extend the weelbase which should make it more stable but a lot more turny :grimacing: I will have to ride it first to see what to adjust.

I don’t know exactly how much stability you loose when you raise the base angle. 44deg base plates would have be good to use. I would try it with wedges and then switch to regular for comparison.

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I just noticed I could buy 44 deg baseplates, there are so many options now :sweat: I will get harder bushings first and if thats not enough I will probably adjust the riser situation.

Thanks for the advice! :blush: They would make the board heavier and less compact anyway so a foot stop is the way to go.

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downhill racers use foot stops. nuff said I really need to try this on my boards. I hate the feeling that I’m loosing grip on my board at high speed.


A little update on the build: I received my mini remote, so I was finally able to test it. The throttle control with this remote especially at low speeds is very good, which is important since the board throws me off very easily when giving too much throttle.

As i don’t need to open the enclosure again, since there are no binding issues with this remote I sealed it with some kind of rubber mat.

First riding experience: I rode the board arround 6 km (3.8 miles) today and reached a speed of 31 km/h (19.3 mph). I didn’t reach full throttle due to speed wobble which is getting noticeable at around 25 km/h (15.5 mph) supported by quite bad road condition. I also did a little hill climb test on a 5 degree/8% incline which it handeled with ease.

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You can reduce or even eliminate the speed wobbles with a bushing upgrade.