The Yin Yang | Arbor Axis Bamboo | Caliber II's | Psychotiller's Psycho60 & Psycho66 Motor Mounts | Dual Tacon BF 160's 6364 | Dual Ollin Board Co. VESC's with Heatsinks | 8s 10Ah & 8s 7.2Ah | 83mm Flywheel Clones | 36:16 Gear Ratio

Oh, I see. I thought I remember you mentioning buying from eBay. Anyway, I did a quick mockup of the motor mounts and motors. I was really hoping this would work, but there’s just no room. I guess i’ll just set up one of the mounts as a reverse mount.

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@psychotiller Looks like I wont be able to reverse one of the mounts because unfortunately the motor comes in contact with the kingpin unless I’m doing something wrong.

Yeah, the 65mm diameter motors won’t fit :frowning: on dual rear. Unless you had some longer truck hangers :slight_smile:

200mm hanger truck with 45mm axles would be nice. Run Dual 6365 motors!!

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@psychotiller would i be able to exchange one of the mounts for your 66mm mount? Would it then clear the kingpin in the reverse position?

Hey @claudiofiore88, I have one of the 66mm mounts and it clears the kingpin when rear mounted.

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@psychotiller was nice enough to send me a 66mm motor mount bracket to allow me to mount one of the motors in reverse along with a 60 mm bracket in a matching glossy finish. Talk about great customer service. I did a quick mock up. I don’t know about you, but this looks pretty f***ing cool to me. :sunglasses: Hopefully I don’t have clearance issues since I’m hoping to have this setup as a drop through.


That does look surprisingly cool. That things gonna be a beast!

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You got them already? That was fast! Looks cool too!

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God bless that torque :smiley:

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If you reverse they king pin you’ll have an even cleaner looking setup!

Sorry for my ignorance, but I’m not sure what you mean by reverse the kingpin.

You put the nut off your kingpin under your base plate and thread the kingpin back down through your hanger and bushings. The opposite of how it is now.

@claudiofiore88 sometime the kingpin is stuck in there…like its part of the base plate…go knock it out with a mallet

i would weld an axle entenders or just get me one massive mountainboard trucks . place it all in front wheel drive config and manual foot brake on rear wheel .


Wooooow. This stuff is soooo cool and nice idea mate.

theres tonnes of ideas over @ Youtube , endless sphere and here eSk8 . theres also another manual braking system that lifts the rear wheels off the ground . not entirely ; just for braking . could not find it now . too sleepy .

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I’ve just ordered two 6374s that i’m thinking to mount “yin yang” style, coincidentally i also have arbor axis board. Did you manage to get it working with drop throughs?

You would need cut the tail shorter to allow the reverse mounted motor to have an acceptable ground clearance. I’m not sure if that would compromise the boards structural integrity. I remember one user doing this without problems. I just can’t remember who.

This is the build thread by @Randyc1. Keep in mind, the reverse mount would need to have at least a 66mm center to center in order to fit a 63mm motor.

I think I am late to the party but they are so close! It looks like you could grind off a bit of the shaft on the motor with a dremel and make it fit. I ended up doing just that on my dual rear build.