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I have not gone out and bought everything. I simply want to know if my set up is going to meet my needs.

That being said I am going to go with a 14/36 pulley set up, A 190 kv motor size 6355. My wheels are fairly small at 73 mm diameter with spokes so I can mount it . I most likely need to make my randles trucks flat to mount my motor.I have a deck already.

As for batteries I don’t know what I should go for. Everyone says just grab some lipo’s and stick them on your board. I am skeptical about the graphine batteries. I don’t think there that reliable from a scientific standpoint.

What potentially I would want to do is do half parallel and half in series. This makes things a little more complicated, but I am thinging of doing 6 batteries in series that on one side are connected in parallel. I am aiming for 12 s How many batteries do I need for that? The reason I want to pair parallel and series is I want a fast board, however I also would like a decent range. Does this build work and suggestions are welcome. I want to be able to go 25 miles per hour with a range of 20 miles.

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i’ll say before someone else does. use search! lol also

also randles and 73mm wheels will suck. @psychotiller has the only randal mount that doesnt. you still want kegels or flywheels.

unless you have a serious workshop, then do whatever…

@thebeast I would stick to 10s with 190kv motors, with 12s you’ll exceed the erpm limit on your vesc (assuming you’re going to use a vesc, which you should.)

73mm wheels are pretty small, which will result in a rough ride and lower ground clearance.

With brushless motors, current is torque, not speed. That means that having larger batteries that can supply more power won’t give you more top speed, it’ll jsut improve your acceleration and ability to climb hills.

Voltage is speed, so for a given motor kv and battery voltage, the only way to change your speed is by changing your gearing (pulleys) or your wheel size.

Assuming you go with a 10s battery, 10000mah should give you around 20 miles of range, and if you use 90mm flywheels or similar with that 14/36 gearing, you’ll still get about 25mph. Since 5s 10000mah packs are huge, I’d recommend going with two 5000mah packs in parallel instead. So you’d have 10s2p, for a total of four 5s 5000mah packs.

You won’t hit the eRPM limit with 12s and 90kv due in inefficiencies. Pretty much every LHB board runs this setup, and I was personally using 10s @ 230kv on mine.

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It makes me cringe just hearing that! I guess I just like to play it extra safe.

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I am aware of the Erpm calculation, but like this other guy said only when it is 100% efficient and going down hill will I hit the Erpm limit.

I currently run 245kv on 10s :wink:

not a single problem (knock on wood) as long as you limit erpm and uncheck “limit erpm with negative torque”

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How fast can you go?

hit 32mph yesterday… scary as FUCK

That is the size of the motor. Series is more for torque vs. parallel is more for longevity. Parallel is what tesla’s use. Tesla’s have around 1 million battery cells which is why they are able to draw so much power.

Ya I think electric long boards are more for short commutes instead of being transportation. Especially since long boards are not recognized as being the same as a bike. A bike is more accepted on roads. While it would be sick to be able to ride your electric long board next to a motor cycle, however I don’t think too many people have the leg strength to hang on going 30 Mph.

No, that’s wrong. You can have a very high voltage setup, but if it doesn’t deliver enough amps, you will have no torque.

The more voltage you have, the more power you can draw, IF you have a battery that will support the current required.

Why do you think there are 8s setups on here hitting 25+mph? They have good gearing and plenty of current!

A top of the line Tesla has about 970 ft-lbs of torque at the wheels, because the battery can supply about 1300 amps at full blast.

I think the extended range model S tesla has even more than that? :woman_shrugging:t3:

8256 cells in a 100kwh Tesla battery pack.

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Yes but wired in parallel so it’s like 30,000 V

The pack is 96s86p, so 96*3.6=345v.

Ok ok I’ll stop now

I need at least 10s. Yes this is true that 8s can go that fast however the capacity is lower. You can go that fast, but the range is affected.

Voltage and capacity are not tied together

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Your telling me that having 10 s of power is less capacity than 8s? Also I didn’t think that voltage and capacity are tied together.