There is a lot of difference between 78a and 75a duro?


actually i’m using enertion power wheels 83mm 78a,

i would like to buy abec 90mm 75a because there are a lot of cracks in my town and i want to go smoothly, the only shop i found that ships to spain they only have 90mm 78a.

i don’t know what to do… buy 90mm 78a abecs or stick to the current wheels, because the duro is the same.

  • i will feel the same vibrations with 78a abecs?

  • what do you recommend me?


You will feel a tiny bit less vibration due to the greater wheel diameter (I acutally dont know if it is a tiny or a huge difference :smiley: ). But i dont think it is worth to buy a new set for that tiny bit. Instead i would buy online the desired wheels.


  1. do have nicer urethan
  2. they are bigger
  3. and if you buy them in soft 75a then you have a tripple upgrade, you should feel a difference

But he is asking if 78A just with a bigger diameter is worth it because his local shop does not have the desired 75A…

@miquelcamps e-boarding made two good aspects (1 + 2).

i would like the 90mm 75a abecs but i can’t find an online shop in europe :frowning:

if someone knows some shop that sell them, I’ll appreciate it!

i only found some 83mm 75a or 97mm 75a

currently not available, but perhaps just write them:


true, 75a is very hard to get, you’ve to ask tons of skateshops and if you’re lucky, take it. If not, you’ve to go with 78a.

If you can not get your hands on 75a ones, go for it. tbh, the enertion “78a” feels like Abec11 82a, so you will see a big difference.

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