Theres a map for ride spots, how about Charge Spots?

This is not to encourage loitering, Im just in a foreign country and dont speak enough of the language to make sure they are comfortable with me using their outlets, I think it would help to add places in your local area that are cool with you charging while you eat/drink or do the thing you go there to do. How does everybody feel about this?

edit: this is for spots that arent libraries, what are your cool cafes and bars that dont mind you charging up while youre there?

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I agree, this would be good to know if there are available outlets on my ride route…

Im hoping this gets enough visibility to end up as a layer on map with ride spots. Itd make it way less stressful traveling with a board if I knew I wasnt gonna have to go home between charges

It would probably end up being a map marked with all the Starbucks…

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Or Costa, or Café Nero

oh true, gross hahah ive begrudedly come to the conclusion that a week with no coffee is better than a week of starbucks black coffee. Yikes

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Lol I didn’t say I drink their coffee :slight_smile: Their outlets work great though

Are you all plugging in a huge aluminum charger with fans blowing, 800w? Or laptop style charger and sit patiently for 1 hour?

i mean, i charge with an aluminum charger with a fan but its not loud and insane. 210 watts

You are all welcome to charge up at my shop :relaxed: I have just about any spec charger you need on hand in case you forgot yours

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Question: How much charge can you get in 10-20-30 minutes?

i can get 5-7 miles in 20-30 minutes. I have a light setup, 10s4p 13 pounds total.

I set a reminder for next time Im in New York!

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We should add to the map its funny i know here in ireland u just might get away with knocking at a house and asking them to charge it they might even give u a cup of tea