These Boa Constrictors and DieBiMS

so Jed Boards sent me these giant red wheels a while back and i never got to try them because i didn’t have time to press myself a witchblade. They’re too damned huge for my Scarlet, and I’m too busy to make myself anything. Well, Ru finally called it a life and I had to retire the deck and box, so i cut myself a witchblade as an emergency measure. Now i have the fat red wheels on there and the DieBieMS in there as well.

Everything else is the same, i still have the 12S6P 25R pack, twin VESC-Xs, and the sensored 6355s.

anywho, i have to say that so far they’re fucking amazeballs.

I feel very very good on them at high speeds and in corners. They’re just fat and soft and grippy. On really rough pavement they can butter a little but its pretty predictable. They also damp a ton of vibration as you would expect from such a hunk of thane.

They’re 100mm and i’m running them on a 16/32 pulley set up on my own sensored motors. Its really fast and the startup is smooth. Launch at that height and ratio isn’t face peeling of course but it still takes off quickly and gives no fucks about hills.

Also the DieBieMS is equally amazeballs and i’m enjoying that too. I feel like it improved my brakes somehow. Charging and balancing is definitely 100% better and the LED blinky feedback for various occasions is nice. Also i love the fact that i can use a momentary button with it, i’m about to start looking for a momentary angel eye.

So now i want to work that screen into the deck somehow.

That’s all, just wanted to share my thoughts on these items.


Any chips so far? Also what’s the duro?

83a, no chips on any of the wheels so far, @b264 put 300 miles on his so far.


I just purchased a set of 90mm boa hatchlings yesterday @deckoz convinced me in like 27 seconds for my light next build. This compulsive buying behavior is uncontrollable, please HELP ME STOP!


surly only a problem when you start buying junk lol :slight_smile: very tempted by these myself


Is it 80/20 per wheel or for a set?

$80/set for the Hatchlings and $120/set for the Constrictors.


is it worth upgrading from 97mm, and how are peeps doing their pulleys…

I messaged @longhairedboy in hopes he would add some 15 and 20mm pulley options to his shapeways shop.

If not I’ll probably make a model to print on shapeways myself… but @torqueboards sells 12mm metal pulleys too if LHB nylons aren’t your style

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I bought the 15mm kegel aluminum pullies from Dexter


He has 15mm @Eboosted??? @torqueboards I didn’t see them listed? :sunglasses:

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Apparently they have 15mm if you ask in the order notes. Why they don’t advertise this is beyond me.


This is good 2 know :rofl:

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@b264 @Deckoz We haven’t added it yet to the website. I’ll try to get them up soon. 12mm and 15mm for both ABEC/KEGEL are available.

12mm are too small for Popocas since the core is more in the middle. You can use our 15mm Kegels and it will be fine with Popocas.

If the BOAs are standard kegels they’ll fit fine. If not, stick to the 15mm and you should be okay.


The Boas are offset like standard kegels :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Haha that’s what @eboosted mentioned. Which is definitely great!

Yea haha I was talking to Alan when he was talking to you @torqueboards :joy::joy::joy:


We are connected bro! Can’t wait too get my parts and start my lightest build


The Moonshine is gonna be awesome!

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I have 9mm and 12mm KEGAL core pulleys in my shapeways shop. They fit Popocas, Kegals, Boas, and most likely even some of the Ahmyos which have a smaller kegal core. Those may be the way i finally get a These White style wheel on an electric without drilling, but that’s another post.

I don’t have 15mm or 20mm wheel pulleys because at the moment my drive system is still using 9mm belts, which is what i’ve been using this whole time. I would prefer to stay on 9mm belts than go with wider trucks, so i’m in the process of working with another vendor to get a 12mm drive system together that will work on standard 184mm calibers with those 6355 sensored motors. No details on that are available yet.

12mm is likely the widest i will ever get. I have no desire to ever move past 184mm trucks, in fact if i could get dual rear on 160s i would do it, but i don’t have mounts capable of folding space.