These items should be in the drawer of any esk8 builder

Not links but tools to pick at your discretion

  • good soldering iron
  • good welder like @aulakiria Boss Welder
  • heat gun
  • ceramic tweezers, like InnoVape(great for building batteries and holding stuff, while being non-conductive and possibly shorting things)
  • drill bits, namely a counter sink for cutting the flange seats of wood inserts.
  • hex sockets and a ratchet, to properly torque motor mounts
  • multi meter. Check your voltages and polarities.

Also everybody needs one of these for various stuff:

There are onviously nicer ones too, but you can get a lot done with the more basic models as well.


I have a more basic basically high and low speed but it gets the job done as the accessories are what gets the jobs done.


Yeah There are a lot of stuff and tools you can get but the Chinese stuff from above is what you can’t get in USA


Of course. Your advice is infinitely valuable, but just thought for people new to making stuff (who find this excellent thread), would find these other things useful as well. Sorry if it was a derail. This is one of the most useful threads around for new guys. I wish it was there when I first started doing all this. Great freggin post @Eboosted .


Nice thread. Reminded me to buy fishpaper for the battery build. Is the 24AWG for balance leads?

Esk8 builder must have “A GOOD LOAD OF SOLDER”

I learned this the hard way.

Buy more solder before you run out. Same goes for heat shrink tubing and wire

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No it’s OK, and a good tip too, just wanted to restrict the list to things you can’t get on USA, things that will cost 5 times more than in China and things that take too long to arrive.

Everything else can be purchased on any hardware store around the corner, otherwuse we will need to include solder, Flux, soldering station, bolts, griptape, etc

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What kind of small balance wire (=lead wire) do you use from your BMS to your battery ?

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What are the m5 countersunk head rivets used for?

these are so you can cleanly mount your enclosure i believe. i chose to go with this style

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Nut inserts to hold your enclosure.

You will rememer me when they start to break and you have no way to remove them

The sameone that came with the BMS itself

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I use the same style, what happened to yours? Did they strip?

Yes they will strip in the first pothole you run into. Even tightening them in will brake and removing them is a PIA.

The ones I posted are pretty though and are stanless steel

Ah, I see. So you are just hammering and gluing them in then? That little flange is no issue? Aka getting it flush to the deck…

thanks for pointing this out to me i thought these were stainless steel when i bought them now i see they are not lol. brass or zinc is very prone to chipping or breaking. :frowning:

edit: i went with the ones you suggested.

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that’s what I need. Thank you.