These items should be in the drawer of any esk8 builder

The worst thing about them is that the thread lock doesn’t stick to ,I don’t know if because they are made of brass the curing doesn’t work as well as steel/aluminium

First ride using medium torque thread lock I lost 4 of 14 screws holding my enclosure

Them with high torque and high tolerance it’s holding so far, but you can feel that they are soft glued

Another great item to have is o-rings to put in some screws to prevent vibrations, such as the enclosure ones since sometimes you can’t really torque them enough without damaging the case

i plan to do this with my build as well, and make everything as vibration friendly as possible.

What are you going to use the o-rings for?

Vibration dampening


from my experience Its hard to find 60/40 in stores and if you do It will be ad least double the cost.


Great post! Wish I would have seen that 64 drawer screw organizer it’s exactly what I was looking for earlier today. Ended up skating home with a 24 hole organizer from harbor freight for $3

Then it’s the perfect item for the list, cheap, not readily available and should be purchased upfront.

Do you have a link to add it to the list?

Very nice list.

I’m using 2 sizes for my work with some techniques add to its effectiveness. Depends on the application. But I have come across some bulk but it’s expensive stuff by the pound.

USA Rosin core,

EU Flux covered,

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Thanks added to the list!

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This post is so helpful, especially everything having a link.

This is my 24-hole organizer from Harbor Freight, costs $3

My soldering stuff is in a separate case. A couple things I added that others might;

JST/SM 3pin/Dean’s T Connectors (For modifying commercial boards/parts)

Spare Speed Rings (Skateboard Washers) I purchased this pack for the Prime shipping cause I needed them for another board sooner, but 100-packs can be found for under $5 easily

Micro USB Dust Plugs (For those who panel mount usb ports for easier access. Same idea can applies to any port you mount)

Polyurethane Coating (To waterproof electronics)

Marine Sealant (So many options, I just happened to have this one already)


And if you need the 10mm speed washers instead of the 8mm ones


Does anyone have a source for that braided copper that’s used in battery packs?

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Try McMaster if you’re in the states

Edit: this is what I use


Awesome! Now forget about keyways and grub screws

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Search eBay for tinned copper braid

Like this

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Or earth strap

I been using these inserts for over 200km, never been loosened and been solid for me. I use m4 inserts.