These parts enough to test?

So far I got… 1x 6374 190kv 1x TB vesc 1x single motor mechanical kit TB 63mm 36/16 /w 15mm belt upgrade 2x TB 218 trucks 1x 90mm wheels 1x 12s4p from torqueboard, ordered waiting for shipment. 1x 107mm evolve f1 flywheels, ordered waiting for shipment. 1x Miami electric. Bluetooth module. 1x enertion nano remote, ordered waiting for shipment. 1x mini rc remote, ordered waiting for shipment. 1x deck

Been readiing forums and think i got everything i need? Depending on how long the batteries take to get here I might use 10s2p or 10s4p battery for initial setup. Do I need to have remote to setup the vesc and motor or am I missing anything?

You can test the motors without a remote using the USB connection and VESC tool / BDLC tool

10S seems to be the sweet spot most people go for, but 12S is a lot of fun :slight_smile: Just remember to set your ERPM limits

@NYCeboardDude What deck did you find and if possible can you link it I can’t find one that fits the battery pack enclosure Thanks

I am still waiting for the 12s4p battery pack from diyelectricskateboard so i dont have exact dimensions. But my deck is kinda weird experimenting with drop down it’s 40x10in. Its going to be on 1"risers, 218 TB and 107mm wheels. I mounted the deck with 90mm just see clearence to ground and still have lots of room with 10s2p. Ill post some pics when I get home.

@DEEIF Have about 4" space but probly going to be higher when I get the 107mm. Deck is super wide so think battery should fit fine.

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Okay that sounds good I finally found some decks I like so I’m going to order today