Think I just killed my Focbox 1.6 in less than 24 hours of owning it lol

Think I did it correct.

I got a beep when doing like this:

Also got a beep when putting one probe on the C25 and the other on the Focbox battery negative line (shown in pictures below. Don’t mind different colors.)

I got a beep when touching those two circled ones

Thanks for clearing which one is the MCU. I thought it was the yellow one the whole time :stuck_out_tongue: It didn’t get hot.

3.3V is shorted to ground by either the 3v regulator or C25. Since they both are both connected to 3,3V and ground, its hard to say who is bad here. But since the MCU is not warm… I believe its not broken. You should remove one component at a time. Start with the C25. Beep 3v3 to GND. If it still beeps, remove the 3v regulator.


What excatly do you mean by “remove”? Like un-solder and remove it?

yes :wink:… first SMD thingy I soldered was a DRV. Get the tools… its not that hard if you do it right. Also you will be able to fix other things later :slight_smile:

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I literally have the same problem with a focbox I have

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Oh okay. No way around it? Can’t use something like this instead?

image image

Since the component is connected to ground plane… the solder on this side will harden quite fast when you release the tip to work on the other side. Also it will take some time to heaten it up if you do it the other way around. Maybe if you jump back and forth on each side.

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Do any of you have aomething on r43 on your focbox? I seem to be missing itimage

Yes I do.


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you are missing a motor wire btw… that one I cant find :grin:


LOL :rofl:

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Hahahah, I just noticed that, I got it from a friend a while back and he gave it to me like this

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I know, shitty soldering job by my friend, I’ll fix it up

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Mine says 4R7 on the top.

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You think that will fix my problem?

If your focbox wont turn on, moving the resistor to its proper place wont help this. (it still must be done though)… (not sure if was clear or not but the resistor is sitting there on the edge) :slight_smile:


Yeah I took it off, it’s so small!

4R7 is a resistor, and its mandatory, but your vesc will turn on without any issues but might fail detection

Who can fix this, maybe @JohnnyMeduse, I just lost the resistor🤦🏻‍♂️