Third enertion vesc failure

That sounds a lot like the multiplication bug I found.
Make sure to only use firmware that is form the source directly as well as only the BLDC tool from the source.

Exactly - when sold as part of a package designed, tested, optimised and set up to work it will perform - You have done the ground work and are confident to supply.

Average Joe consumer has not gone through the trial and error process for their set up and can’t become a VESC expert overnight - they’ve purchased an Electronic Speed Controller and will expect it to work. In time it is likely that the VESC will become a simple plug and play electronic item but it’s not at that stage yet and users need be made aware of risk at time of purchase.

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If people don’t read about it and buy it anyway it’s not in our controll… we have tried hard to educate but it’s ultimately the buyer decision.

We also pre install settings for our motors to make it easy…

I have personally written nearly every vesc article on this forum. I also encourage my customers to write about there problems openly on the forums as I know it helps others diagnose issues…

So Why no other VESC vendors writing help articles? Why doesn’t chacka contribute his immense vesc knowledge to write articles to help others? He has openly said he only helps his customers in private? Seems a bit unfair… I have openly shared all my vesc knowledge (vesc faq) and made available to all users…

When drivers crash their cars do they blame the manufacturer?

I agree with you - it is the buyers decision - if you underline this at time of purchasing a $99 VESC in BIG HIGHLIGHTED WORDS that buyer accepts risk of possible failures when used with other set ups or changes to firmware/settings (not hidden in terms and conditions of sale blerb) then you can simply quote this when problems arise and start the help/solution conversation without a buyers expectation of immediate satisfaction and a free VESC,

The fact that there is plenty of information available on a forum does not mean that people will read/understand it.

Many 1st posts are people venting frustration following a problem that has not been resolved the way they wish - that’s human nature. A standard reply to these would then be possible “purchaser accepted the risk and we are trying to help”

If they can yes

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This article I wrote talks about how to change the motor current…

I am not sure Measuring with a watt meter helps. I suggest trial an error approach… slowly change the setting until they feel best. Normally default settings are 95% good. it’s just the remaining 5% that can perfect your ride.

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It depends on the motors and the drive train setup…

My settings are probably in that screen grab…

Good advice… sometimes I forget to spell shit out like that…

I assumed it was obvious… my mistake.

I flagged the post because it’s off topic… create a new post with your thought experiment and if I have time I’ll answer the questions.

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@onloop I was just was on your website, why is it cheaper to buy a standard vesc and then the warranty, compared to the vesc with warranty?

Look people, I have had 3 VESC from enertion. When the first two failed i did not blame enertion one bit. I calmly tried to figure out what the problem was and who it came from. But after the third vesc failure, I do not see where i could be at fault especially that i had more than half a year to research the settings and to read as much as i could on this forum.
Now the reason i believe enertion does not write in HIGHLIGHTED WORDS that buyer accepts the risk of possible failure is because it is very bad for business… that is common sense.

My set up was as followed: SK3 6374 149 KV, 16/36 gearing ratio with kegel wheels, and 2x5 cells in series for a total of 5000mah 10 cell, and finally a gt2b from hobby king. These are NOT random motors and batteries… these parts are the most used in the esk8 diy community and are mostly always connected to vescs.

Sorry i am not going to spend almost the cost of another vesc just to get mine replaced especially when i am certain it is going to fail me again.

The purpose of this post was not mainly to complain but to warn anyone of possible enertion vesc failure. And as long as this(post) is intended to help (and it really much is) i have the right to post on this forum.[quote=“onloop, post:11, topic:7956”]
Just remember enertion vesc are all tested before shipping. Each one is powered up, firmware loaded & motor is spun up.

Do you really call that a test? You spin the motor under no load for a couple of seconds but when it comes to the raptors you test them with actual load… okayy…

They are not complaining because, like i thought when my first 2 vesc failed, they think:

  1. its their fault but really in most cases its not
  2. they buy your vescs and do not use them immediately
  3. Or they do not even bother to ask or post about their vesc failure

Trust me you do not want HOPE for the best especially when you life is literally at risk. I dont want to scare anyone but that is the truth.

And one last time i am not trying to pick a fight. I am just giving true facts and my honest opinions.
This will be my last reply and if you are aware of enertion vesc failure and still want to purchase them PLEASE DO SO.
I will post pictures of my set up and all three VESCs for anyone who is still doubting me. And people please do not fight here. This forum’s purpose is to help one another. @onloop do not get me wrong you have immensely contributed to this amazing community and i dont want to take that away from you in any way. But when i see a problem somewhere or something i do not agree with i have to speak up.
Anyway guys keep this community alive and i hope the best for everyone.

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This might have caused the problem. PSA: Remember to reset your max current ramp step when programming your VESC


Could you please do a quick test with your blown VESC?
Goes like this:
Hook the VESC up to your computer. Start BLDCTool, connect. Then go to the advanced tab and multiple times !without changing any value! Read your settings, then write them again. Do it 5 times for good measure.
Heres the important part:
There is a value called “current ramp per hertz” (not sure on the precise name) watch what happens to this value.
Does it magically change? If yes, that is your problem and the only reason you blew up VESC. There was a bug in the firmware that caused this.
If you are interested I can explain what that value does and where the bug came from.

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With this forum there’s so much info available but tragically it’s missing much on the one part most unknow. This last info is a gem which 99% of us don’t know. Wish there was a a decent tutorial on everything. Vedder’s stuff is a start but how bout someone else who knows all that and more can do a guide/tutorial. If I were you Jason I’d even pay someone a couple hundred or a board to do it and then you can at least tell people where to go and people won’t be as able to complain…and surely a lot less will blow

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@Hummie are you telling me that bug is not known here?
If so, can you create a sticky to warn people to not use any firmware before the date me and my buddys pull request with the fix got accepted into master?

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It was known, There even was a e-mail warning about it.

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