This BMS is good?

Hello, i found this bms, have -p port, but dont have C port…do you thing is safe for use, i want to use for charging and discharging and regenerative.


or i can use bypass for discharge, but i wanna make sure my brake sistem will not fail, lake my my first BMS.

this bms has the charge and discharge circuit on the same circuit

It’s safe to use, I’ve used this exact one (60 A version).

Just have the charge cables run in parallel to the BMS output and have the antispark be located further down the line than the charge cables so they’re always connected.

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i have this bms for 2-3years no. no problems what so ever

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Battery Supports also known as Supower are said to be good however they do have a fairly low balance current of only 60ma. What bms did you have before when your brakes failed?

i comment about my BMS and in the comments, say the BMS is bad. that will cut off my brakes.

Is there a us supplier if this BMS? The wait for shipping from China is too long.

The price this bms is 36 dollars, but have all ports C,B,P. the first just have B,P what is the difference? if is not important i will choose the first because i receive faster

The second one shares charge and discharge port