This board deserves some attention (not mine)


Hi eboarder, few days ago, i found a small community of esk8 in Vietnam where i live. It blows my mind, I thought i was alone with this awesome hobby. We have a CNC guy who provides mounts and stuff, a guy who does VESC(I haven’t try it yet, but i heard it is quite good but FOC-kill_drv problem is still there :slight_smile: ) …and of course there are some awesome builds too which i gonna show you below:

This guy is a 21 yrs old student. He made everything himself from the ground up. He designed the board on computer then have it made.

Spec: Top speed : 35km/h this is the fastest that he reached before he chickened out. Battery 18650 44.4v 12s3p 10Ah Esc 48v 250w EBS brake. 4wd hub motor. electric bike esc which doesn’t have brake, so he did some hack to get the brake.

Ok here are some pic.

here you can see some kind of piston or suspension or shock absorber, he said that it helps to stable (less wobble) at high speed


That thing is freaking sweet. I’d love to know how much it weighs.

I go to Laos every now and then since that’s where I’m from and have never thought that an A/T setup with all of the flat dirt roads there would be awesome. I should make one next time I’m there and leave it with my family for when I go back to visit :wink:

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Wow, that is a really cool, interesting design. If there were an award for the most unique and unconventional DIY build of the year, I think this would win. I’m also curious to know how much it weighs. Wish I could test ride it too and see how the suspension feels. :thumbsup:


Wow! It looks like the deck floats on shocks above the rest of the build.

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Awesome! This is like some crossbreed of stream punk and mad max! How does it ride? Do you have a video you could share?

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@Goombaacez84 @Mobutusan I will ask the weight and get back to you. @kane Video is coming . Stay tuned

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Awesome! I definitely want At least a couple of those hubs!

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I think its more of a go cart you can stand on. its not going to ride anything like a skateboard at 50+ lbs and hoverboard motors…

add a racing seat, bumbers, torque vectoring and you have my attention again.

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You should invite him to the forum. Suspension looks interesting

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Hello every body. That’s myelectric sakateboard. I will up videos test :slight_smile:


Your build looks very awesome! Would also love to hear more about the suspension!

So each wheel has only 250w hub motor? Is it enough or there is a need for more power?

Btw - a lot of aluminium was used here … wonder about the machining costs (though probably was not as bad, as everything was self made)

Awesome ! Someone finally tried the Hoverboard motors ! I might try this one day since they are dirt cheap in China. And OH those suspensions… Amazing work dude

There’s link test video.


No can play in USA

Error: This video contains content from PONYCANYON. It is not available in your country.

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oh, i thought that was just me. lol. but what does that even mean?

I can see the video (europe), but please make a better one. Don’t understand me wrong. I love your metal suspension board but the part where you ride is without any sound and for me it seems you just go with 10 km/h. I would also like to see turns not just almost straight ahead. And please use your smartphone horizontally. Thank you!!

Japanese music label. They probably used licensed music.

I can see it all here in a Canada, but the sound cuts out around 4:50 assuming the copyright music. Great job on the board btw. Something totally different.

Looks awesome, like something from outer space… NICE

Link video no audio