This deck + 97mm wheels? Possible or a hassle

Since i started DIY now ive got a bin of extra this and.thats and looking to build a budget winter board for the wet road days… The idea is a standard looking deck that covers the wheels somewhat so I.dont have to totally fab some fenders to prevent spray… Using caliber trucks so standard width

With that said the seller said the largest recommended wheel before bite is 70mm … I got a pair of 97s… So and added 27mm but really more like 14mm closer to the board… Could I offset that with a 1/2" (or maybe a hair more) riser? 1/2" being equal almost to 14mm …


I would go a little more than half an inch just to be safe. Have you accounted for deck tilt when you turn? :slightly_smiling_face:

Stand on each of the four corners and if you can’t get bite doing that, you’re fine. If you can, add 3mm (1/8") of riser and repeat


That assuming I bought the deck… Right now I’m trying to make sure my basic thought process is on par before dropping sum coin. Would u say my basic thinking process here is.right?

Yeah LoL. Risers aren’t the end of the world. One deck of mine has a ridiculous amount of riser (like > 30mm) and really it sounds bad but it’s not really that bad as long as you aren’t kick-pushing…

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