This guy is going too fast without gear: bad example

Wonder if he is on forums here?


i hope he has a helmet on. I don’t go that fast without armor.


I’m just in my mind screaming “bend your knees!!!” This dudes a maniac.



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That guy’s ripped

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Couldn’t take my eyes of that low hanging motor wire! Just waiting for some to grab on to it…loool


Who cares about STOP sign…

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This guy has phenomenal luck. I hope it lasts. Pushes mongo :slight_smile:


IKR! 10chars

Well I know even with a motorcycle helmet going 25mph and hitting a truck you can still fracture your skull. Puncture your lungs and break 8 ribs. With full riding gear. (On motorcycle)


Running shoes? Standing up straight while riding? No pads? Mongo…can you even foot brake bro? Helmet?

@Mattmccrary8 you see all this about you? Well I’m guessing this is you…

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yea saw this on reddit.

I used to feel invincible too…till a crash. then it really reminds you of your mortality.


I prefer other peoples crashes to remind me :yum:


We’re lucky in the UK, it is easy to chuck the protection on just to keep warm. The rider is in somewhere with lovely weather, it must be difficult until you get a reminder… I had a very good tumble today, owing to not setting up brand new trucks and complacency. I know I would have lost a lot of skin, and if I didn’t have helmet on I might not have got up. Need impact shorts though. My thigh/arse is in trouble…

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RevZilla sells armored motorcycle shirts and jeans that look like heavy designer jeans and a heavy flannel lumberjack type shirt. They’re armored with kevlar. I took a spill on thoe clothes at 40mph and smashed my TSG helmet but the clothes… not a scratch… fucking superman shit or something. I walked away easily. Standing still they can get kind of hot. Moving, they’re like a soft breeze on your skin because they breath.

I’m in Florida, and when i ride more than derp speed down my own street i’m in full gear all year round.


I’m having those jeans, if they can add half a foot onto the leg length…

Same here

-TSGPass -TSG DHP knees -Hillbilly Hip shorts -POC VPD 2.0 DH Jacket

Year round. 34mph Superman example


I live in Hawaii🙁 usually warm all the time so gear is for sure warm.

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That. Right there. Landing exactly like that is how i jammed my shoulder up and in last year fucking up my rotator cuff.

I still have limited range of motion in my left arm but its back to maybe 80% usable. Still can’t reach over my head and grab things without wincing though.


Yep. That was me today.

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