Those cheap 6374 motors

does anyone have experience with the motors that @dickho has for sale on his ebay store, they are super cheap but was wondering of they are a good alternative to a SK8 192kv 6374??

talking about these motors

any advice would be appreciated, especially if you have tested these motors.

I have the 6374 170kv version. Honestly haven’t used it enough to give a long durability test and I don’t have any other motors to compare it to. The drawbacks of it are the wires are pretty thin and the sensor connector doesn’t match the pigtail I bought from for use with their VESC. But otherwise it has enough torque to get up a little hill in my city and haven’t had any overheating issues with the can or wires. Keep in mind the shaft is 10mm too.

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what kind of speeds are u getting out of it, also whats the battery setup ??

10S lipo 5000mah 65-130C With 15/40 gearing speed wasn’t my goal, I’ve never hit full throttle but I mostly ride on campus where there’s lots of people. I’m also still getting used to going faster than I can push

dickyho always stand by his products. If you have problems he will promptly deal with it. I would say, go for it.


This is the item I ordered

C6374 high efficience brushless motor 170KV for electric skateboard longboard model:C6374 KV:170 power:2900kw voltage:18-29V shaft:10mm install holes:30/44mm dianentions:diameter:63mm lenght:71.4mm connectors: 4mm bullet male plug sensore/sensorless: sensored (with JST 5P 2.0 Hall male plug)

Dickyho Quoted “This one is good, the best I could find among those china made so far. high efficience, not easy to got hot, very powerful. price here is for 1pc of C6374 motor along. for bulk order, please contact me. but the way, I have 10mm pulleys and bells for it too, if you need it,please contact me”

I’m waiting for my motor to arrive. Hopefully, next month before going vacation.

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I was planning on ordering some of these for a budget build so I will see as well

Might as well get a Keda from HobbyKing for similar price:

Keda motors aren’t sensored.


@808Chopz The 6374 have arrive to You? - Did You test them?


So far I put 100+ miles lots off road very fun and motor doesn’t get that hot at all. I’m not aggressive on my setup 25a per motor 6374 170kv sensored gearing 16/60. 25a per motor thats all I can handle too much torque carry my fat ass no problem 190lbs.

i actually ended up ordering one and have done around 50km on it, its the 6384 200kv, and its been flawless im running it as a single with 40 batt amps and 85 amps on the vesc, plenty of power, seems like a legit motor to me but more testing and miles will only tell.

are the 6385 + 6374 black motors sealed?

no they have vents in the back

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I have some experiance witv the 6374 170kv version, used them for maybe 100km on my current project, worked great so far. Doesnt get hot at all and the power is definitly there.

I put them on a street board and used my trampa electronic box to test them since i havent built the battery for the board nor gotten the damn unity from enertion, ran them at 40A battery and 70A motor on 12s

I opened the motor up to compare it with a 6374 flipsky motor, from my modest eyes it appears the be solid, one thing to note is that the stator is a bit shorter than the flipsky, 4cm vs 4.5cm. The flipsky has a bit more weight to it. Kinda hard to tell though since the cables of them has different awg and length.




yeah the 6384 version has similar dimensions to a flipsky 6374

What is the typical current draw this motor pulls? What should I use as its limit?

I found they ran a hair better than my 6355 190kv maytech… But for my normal ride loop they ran hotter than my sealed maytechs… They dont compare to my 6374 maytechs I’m currently on but def on a budget board or non high power setup get the job done

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80 is a safe limit, that is what dickho himself said

Not sure how the sensor wiring is on the 6384 motor… black = ground and orange = 5V? Is this right?