Those who've crashed, what wrist guards helped or hurt?

Of special interest are those flatland 3d gloves which claim you can’t really hurt your wrists because you slide on them…which seems suspect.

I’m currently rocking demon flexmeters and I feel like I miiiiight be doing it overkill

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Currently using the flatland 3D gloves. Fallen on them about twice no but no actual damage or tearing on the glove just some skid marks on the pucks which are supposed to assist in sliding with the palms out. Good mobility as it doesnt restrict using the controller in any way and helps when you gotta grab something from your pocket when you aren’t riding

also forgot to mention they did fine in keeping my wrists safe from the falls


I like the look of those, look really good for ‘unplanned slides’

I think overkill when safety is involved is appropriate :slight_smile:


Anything helps lol two rolls of tp in your pants will help lol


I ALWAYS wear my compression slide shorts under everything, knee/shin guards, full face helm and my loaded v7 gloves minimum… oh and my armoured backpack… occasionally when I know I’m doing a speed run, I’ll throw on my slide jacket (leather Deadpool armoured jacket)

You need something to protect your palm in the case of a fall. These have been working well for me and have a removable palm skid plate.

I think Wrist guards are for Idiots not that the people who wear them are. It’s kinda like fidget spinners.

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So who then is the idiot? :laughing:

I didn’t like wrist guards as well but since about 2 months I use Hillbilly gloves/wrist guards for MTB and won’t go back. My palms were hurting badly from falling with normal gloves, no more pain.

I went for a ride with normal gloves and felt naked and not secure anymore.

Well, Wrist guards Protect the front and back of your Wrist right? So If you fall with your Wrists in plank position that’s not protected.

But who falls with there wrists out like this? 5945217559_3d3f0d2d94_b Like they’re begging the ground to brake there wrists "Oh ground please Brake my wrists I put my joints forward for you LoL,

@Deckoz you with me on this or am I wrong? :joy:

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Wrist guards for off-road Slide gloves for pavement.

It’s that simple.

Edit: if you ride hybrids AT on multi terrain, wrist guards with leather work gloves, or as rich said the hillbillies. But the hillbillies will shread on pavement. Work gloves hold up better.


Makes sence, didn’t think of that, I only had Asfalt in mind.

I wear a motorcycle jacket and when I fall I try not to fall on my hands but on my forearms.

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Flatland 3D saved my scaphoid as advertised, but my finger wasn’t as lucky

Kinda wish there was a flatland full finger version…

Agreed. I can’t think of anything better than slide gloves for pavement. Saved my wrists and hands both countless times… In over 20 years longboarding I’ve broken my wrist not wearing slide gloves and in over 15 years longboarding and downhilling with slide gloves after that broken wrist I’ve never once had a hand or wrist injury… Yet countless falls on my hands and all over. Injured enough elsewhere to not be able to walk many times… But slide gloves save my hands and wrists at least. Kinda hard to take a damaging impact to the wrists when your hands don’t latch onto the pavement, they slide with you as your body slides.

I’ve always thought wrist guards were dumb as fuck for this reason. Never considered off-road applications though, cool… Now I don’t have to cringe as much when I see it as opposed to just knowing there are 1000x better options (slide gloves).


I have no idea how that is advertised for Esk8. We only need index and thumb for controls. Would feel better if all the other fingers are closed off. Rather have 2 or 4 fingers exposed than all 10

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Agreed. I did try fully covered gloves before but I felt some restriction with my finger’s range of motion. Like enough for me to not want to wear them anymore.

i’m foreseeing a full finger glove with the index finger and thumb half-finger and a small puck over only the palm that doesn’t impact remote use

I had a motorcycle wreck a few years ago, was wearing full gear, but I sprained my wrist and ankle. I had a fall a few months ago and apparently it’s really easy for me to re trigger that injury, it hurt every bit as bad as before.

Would slide gloves be sufficient or should I get wrist guards with my prior injuries in mind?

the real question is to ask downhill longboarders what their wrist sprain/break injury rate is. they almost never wear wrist guards but wear slide gloves all the time. If they have a very low wrist injury rate then it’s safe to say those work for mitigation