Thoughts about 100-110mm wheels summary

So I have been looking around and I have done some research and I found that these wheels are all on the market that are in this size.

  1. The Slickrevolution 110 mm wheels 78A or 85A New price: 92,61 euro shipped form brittain

  2. BOA wheels 83A 100mm New price: $120 shipped from US

  3. The 107 mm ABEC 11 74A in quite a bit of variations: Pink, Green and Black New price: $185 shipped from for instance:

  4. MBS 78A 100 mm all terrain wheels New price: $85 shipped from for instance:

  5. Torqueboards 110mm wheels probably 75A New Price on pre-order : $110 shipped from USA

My questions is which wheels do you guys recommend with my setup. So I know and maybe new ones on the forum can instantly spot a list of the wheels available. My current setup is a dual 6374. I thought that it would be smart to go bigger, so I am stepping up from my 80mm Kegels because of the speeds and just added stability. I liked the rebound from my kegels, so I am planning on keeping that if possible. I don’t travel at high speeds since Esk8ing is illegal here in the Netherlands and going 24+mph or about 40 km/h+ just isnt smart anymore. If you go below that I always have an excuse but the drivers of the scooters that go 40+ are riding them without a helmet :smile:. Because I dont travel at high speeds I have my board geared at 42T/16T thinking about going 44T/16T. My roads are overall really good. Long live the Netherlands and their cyclers haha. But going over sticks or acorn is a real struggle sometimes :joy: . Oh yeah, I chose urethane wheels because their wh/km usage is lower and I really like how far I can ride atm. Hope this is enough information to help me make a desicion :slight_smile:.

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You mean $185, right?

In fact, it’s 185 EUR.

Yup made a mistake there. Thanks for pointing out!

Why are boas boosted board wheels?

Also the Boa wheels are not Boosted wheels they have nothing to do with Boa.

Boa is a Jedboards brand. I’ve heard good things about them but I prefer 107mm flywheels. Good luck finding them under $100 though.

Almost everyone on a boosted board who wanted more speed got boas on youtube. So thats why I said boosted board wheels since most people get in contact with this forum by youtube and youtubers who esk8. :slight_smile: Thats what I meant.

I’ve only seen Sam sheffer do that and he concluded that it was a horrible idea

It just so happens to fit but the wheels are designed for their upcoming Jedboard esk8

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Oh haha missed that Changing it! In which vid did he conclude that it was terrible? I only saw the one where he was like super stoked.

Rough stuff 110mm wheels looks cool but they ride like shit. They are as hard as plastic and those knobbies on the wheels make your board vibrate like crazy.

The MBS wheels are decent after you shave them down.

Imo get Boa or Abec 11

Ah oke and would you say that the 7mm extra makes a big diffirence? Is there a big diffirence in feel of both wheels?

It makes a small differece. May not even notice it as you ride.

Cool thanks man. Will be looking around on the forum for those wheels in the EU then haha.

Anymore thoughts on the 110mm`s from Slickrevolution?

TB110 if you can wait a month or two.

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Also thought about that but the shipping is kind of a bummer combined with that I will have to design new pulleys since I dont need a top speed of 24+ mph.

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Then I would grab some 100mm Boa Constrictors

I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference either.

It’s really only an extra 3.5mm from the center.

i have the 83a versions. i like them and they look cool. at first they will feel rough but they get better once you wear them down a bit so the contact patch is smoother. only gripe is the contact patch is thinner than i would like, on dry days its not much of an issue but keep in mind it will be easier to lose traction under heavy braking especially when the surface is damp.

Ah oke thanks for answering!