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Thoughts about my Lipo Battery to use in my Project

Hi guys!
This is my first post in this forum so if there is something in the wrong place please feel free to correct me.
First of all I’am addicted to the idea of building my own eletric skateboard with a lot of power. In my project im planning on using an sk3 6374 149Kv motor (Yes, I know its tremendous but here where I live in Brazil there is a lot of hills and i wan’t to be able to climp all of them hehehe).
My doubt is about my batteries… I already have an big Lipo battery: GensAce brand 12000mAh 6S 15C. I bought this battery to use in my big multirotor platform but gave up the project even before having used it so it is like new.
Should I stay with my LiPo and eventually buy another to use as a 12S 12000mAh pack to use in this e-board?
I have heard only good things about these brand ( GensAce ) using with multirotors and aircraft but would like to hear from you about this battery since most of the projects that are seen here uses 18650 homemade packs.

Thank you :smile:

I would go 12s with your 149kv motor-

149kv on 6s would be quite slow, and for maximum hill performance with lower heat, increasing the voltage is always better!

You could also go with an 18650 pack if you preferred. it is totally up to you, but the 18650 pack does offer a lot more flexibility, and I’m sure those lipos are incredibly thick. Check out @longhairedboy’s custom build over the next few weeks as he is about to assemble a 12s4p 18650 pack and will surely have some killer pics and advice.

esc’s: (although you didn’t mention them) I’d go either Torqueboards 12s esc for simplicity, or VESC for more tuning and customization. Again, it’s personal preference, and different people are going to recommend either one of those two esc’s.

Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply! I still don’t have an ESC and am looking for a good one. The VESC seems the best ones for sure but before gettin one I will try with and old RC car ESC that a friend of mine have.

And yes, this Lipo 6S 12000mAh is HUGEEE but I bought for an incredible low price here… So will probably stay with it now.

Also, about the max speed with 6S yea, in my calcs it will get a max speed of 27km/h using an 2:1 gear ratio and 80mm wheels. So 12S here I go! hahaha

I can’t even imagine how will be my autonomy with 12S 12000mAh LiPo battery… Does this sounds crazy? If yes I’m on the right way! :grin:

12s with 12AH is overkill for even the most enthusiastic of Eboarders. thats a 533 watt hour pack.

out of curiosity how much did you pay for this $350 battery?

Just picked up the same motor…

DIY Skateboard aka @torqueboards has a 12s capable ESC that I think will work awesome…I still need to pick one up… VeSC are in short supply…although I hear it’s great…people have had thier issues…

I Plan on going 12s as well…not for the hills…just for the power coming out of turns …

That 12000mah is a serious brick … And putting two of those under ur board…it will look like you have a bread box…but if you slim down the pack…that would help flatten the profile…

I’m putting together 12s 12amphour pack and I wish it were bigger! Watts per gram a large li-ion pack is the best deal.

I paid R$850 (Brazilian currency) for this battery, something around $200 in current conversion. The same battery is not sold for less than R$1,600 or $375 here. Think I made a good deal :smile:

No doubt this battery is a brick in size. I’m still thinking of a way to accommodate the battery without having to open and separate the cells because it has a very good finish with an aluminum plate that protects and keeps cells in place. Maybe build a wooden shape at home that has a will to accommodate the battery to protect and reduce the exposed volume? This is a picture of the battery and my gopro for size comparison The battery alone weights 1570g :open_mouth:

its a lipo so only 300 to 400 cycles was it worth a bit of time for triple that on a lion?

The only way is to split the pack…or…use 3 risers…or have it protrude the top of the deck…or just have it on the deck…

Splitting the pack is your best way to keep your board from looking like an anaconda​:snake: that just swallowed a baby :baby_symbol: (Since you are in Brazil )…and screw the finish…you won’t be looking at it much :eyes:

Or you could cut out a big hole in the middle of your board and put the batteries inside. The top half of the batteries would be visible from the top of the board, the lower half will then be under the board. You don’t really need the middle space on your board anyway. I actually have this setup on my 730 watt hour board. I could post some pictures if you are interested.

I am interessted. Please post them :wink:

There you go. As you can see its still a work in progress. I still need to make proper housing for the electronics I am using plexiglass for that. hope to make a see through enclosure(s). Still waiting for VESCs tho, so sadly im in no hurry.

Still plenty of clearance even without a raiser.

just FYI @mohammedex , your truck is on backward :wink:

the hangers of the truck should be facing outward on both ends of the board.

Thanks for the tip but its actually not screwed onto my deck, just there for the pic xD

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Bro I think you need more duct tape :hammer_and_wrench:

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