Thoughts on a electric dirtbike

I know im on the wrong platform but thought someone could help me with picking the correct moror to be equivilant to a 250cc i was think of something like this. I want it to be liquid cooled so i can push it to its limits😎

KTM has an electric dirtbike called Freeride E-SX/XC (dirt bike and enduro). It has almost as good acceleration as a racing 125cc 2 stroke. A 250cc 4 stroke will be just a bit faster than a 125cc 2 stroke, so if you want to have similar power output as a 250cc 4 stroke, you would want ~20kW peak, and 15kW continuous. If your looking to compete against 250cc 2 stroke, you would want something similar to the Alta dirtbikes, which claims 50hp peak.


Yeah i was hopeing for something like altas 250. A 2504stroke was more of the aera i was aiming for. I read the a crf250r which is the race bike outputs max 40hp so from what u said i think a 15kw motor would be able to support this. Although alta gives all theis specs here. Just no the motor of course😑

As far as I know Alta never sold their motors alone, only premade bikes.

I know of some guys that have used this motor:

It should handle about 20kw continuous, and 45kw peak. Would make for a beast of an electric dirt bike.


Dual motor dirt bike!!

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Following this because I want to do a go kart. Going to get a mario outfit and hoon round the streets of the neighbourhood. See if I can get in the local paper. Has to be electric because the one time I rode a 2 stroke skateboard round here they called the police in 2 seconds


You’ve obviously watched this then…

And part 2


Haven’t watched part 2 thankyou!


Just get a Zero

The dude is crazy. +50mph on a set of plastic sleeves, no brakes and no helmet.

Some of the best and more entertaining content on youtube


I love him tbh. Brent hates him. Too close to home I reckon. Seperated at birth


Don’t tease me dude.


But its soooo worth it lol. Fuck the Harley! Get a Zero lol

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@dareno @J0ker3366 Zero doesnt have any dirtbike though. The FX model is the closest one, and is more of a motard style bike.
The Altas were great dirtbikes, too bad they’re out of business.

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Yes i have seen almost all of his videos😂

When did alta go out of business?

Couple months ago I think

Anyone in San Francisco looking to make an electric bike Can I help?! I want one.

Get a supermotard or dirt frame and weld a mount and then bam

Are we talking about Cuntin Furryz here?

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Got any evidence to back this up? I like his videos but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was some kind of Youtube “plant”