Thoughts on a new xt90 antispark switch

Hello, I’ve been drawing up a “button” for a XT90s antispark switch during the day and i’m just finished with the first draft of it.

So I turn to you guys now and ask if this is something you would use?

The shell for it is a bit on the large side coming in at 49mm x 54mm without the button, the button has neodymium magnets so when it’s opened it will stay attached to the front shell.

The thought is that it will be mounted on the inside of your enclosure and only the button will stick out and when turning it on it will be in a recessed state and when it is turned off it will be in a protruding state.

First image is next to a 18650.


Cool idea, looking forward to seeing more.

Nice, what material would you make it from?

3D printed, PETG, Anyone know how hot these connectors usually get?

I will definitely use this the moment you think it’s ready share!!

Could depend on the gauge of the cable. I’ve been riding around for the past hour ( just started to rain ffs) and mine is not even a hint of warm

Edit: to stoned to construct a sentence apparently


“too stoned to construct a sentence apparently”

Hahaha. I feel the same most days.

Great idea @Hannes. I’ll buy a few when you finish them. I’ve always used an anti spark and and power button. This can cut both out.

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I’ve found that it takes a lot of force to pull an xt90s out, how does this switch handle going from on to off position?

I think with an AS150 you could have made a cleaner and simpler design. There is no need to go for 4 solder joints in total when the entire plug is hidden anyway. @Deckoz designed something similar if I remember right. Maybe you should work together on this?


Then heat should be no problem :slight_smile:

I’ll release it on thingiverse so it will be free if you have a 3d printer :slight_smile:

Currently trying to get rid of the magnets so it can be as simple as possible and also reducing overall size of it…

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Yes, that is something I have to experiment with when I get my connector, it’s currently in shipment.

But it is something i have in mind, i have tried pulling the “button” part quite hard against the lid and i have not destroyed it yet. but yes, I will have to look into it further when i get my connector. It needs to be able to handle a smack from the connector when pulling out :wink:

Is it this one your are thinking of? I’ll have to look into that, can always do both :slight_smile: but for now most people seem to have the xt90-s so it’s my priority right now :slight_smile:

Also cost is an issue, to get something like this valuable it needs to be at a much lower price than the vedder anti spark switch and if you start adding “not widely used” connectors + a 3d printed parts + shipping (cheaper if they have their own 3d printer and make their own) + all other hidden costs you end up with a product that wont be that far of a much nicer switch.

I was thinking a AS150 version would be nice, bookmarked.

I’ll order a as150 and take a look at it, I think i got it kinda how it could look in my head :slight_smile:

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Only problem is it would be harder to make a button version with an as150 bullet than an xt-90

In my tiny mind the AS150 version would kinda look like two match boxes together with one draw pushed between the connected sleeves for on and off positions.

Well perhaps but nothing is impossible :slight_smile: But the size difference wont be that different, I could save a couple of mm with the AS150.

Atleast if these dimensions are correct

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That looks neat, @deckoz do you mind if i use your design/assembly as a base template?