Thoughts on carving out the underside of a deck to make room for a BMS?

Trampa hs11 16 ply

I’d need to carve out about an 1/8”

How much of a concern should that be with weakening the deck?

I’ve seen it done before on here with other decks. I’m probably not going to do it if anyone thinks there’s any chance of it creating a bigger risk of snapping the deck but I just thought I’d throw the idea out there.

Otherwise I’m gonna have to install either my ESC or BMS topside of deck

My BMS is on top of my battery too. I’m going to use thicker weatherstripping. Should give me just enough room. It will touch, but it will be padded. Do you think the 1/8th can me made up with thicker weatherstripping?

Also show us your deck so we can get a better idea. Can’t say I haven’t been thinking about doing that too.

Edit - just read again and see that you are using a trampa deck. Similar dilemma though… Maybe @trampa could help with the layout and some info about removing material.