Thoughts on MBS all terrain wheels vs Abec 11 wheels

Looking to buy some new wheels for my raptor to get a softer ride on rough streets. Recently got turned onto the MBS wheels due to not having access to abec 11 wheels easily.

Basically looking to get a softer ride that can eat up the little rocks and cracks on/in the road. Trying to dampen out the rough terrain.

Both seem pretty good for different reason. The MBS is more available which is nice. Most people seem to jump onto the abec 11 train though.

Also sizing of wheels seems to come into play. I’m open to a bigger wheel for smooth purposes and ride with tight trucks.

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I ride them both. MBS ATLB for street turns into dirt gravel. ABEC for street turns into rough pavement. 97mm ABEC (esp 75a) much smoother ride on rough pavement than 100m MBS.

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I think you nailed the question.

You using the wheels on a raptor? Curious if the 97 need spacers with tight trucks…

Don’t have a raptor, but ABEC 97mm 75a are my go to wheels on evolve carbon GT and DIY builds. You should verify with actual raptor user & posts but they should fit without spacers on tight trucks. Unless you mean risers, and in that case yes otherwise wheel bite seems certain. See a link below: