Thoughts on new rough stuff wheels?

Just saw these today and looks like they may be an alternative to MBS all terrain wheels. How do you guys feel about these? Might have to pre order these and give them a try. And does any one know if a standard ABEC 36t pulley with work on these, because I don’t really want to have to purchase another wheel pulley


I dunno the durrometer is really hard I probably won’t like the rough ride lol

ABS core so they will crack like any other china brand hub.

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For that price you would probably be better off getting a set of real mbs wheels

I have and use them. They have a crowned profile which makes them feel a bit squirrely due to the small contact patch in conjunction with the hard durometer. They aren’t ideal for streets but slightly loose aggregate but not fully off-road. I think their best use is hard pack dirt. If used for street they should get better with wear but be prepared to feel every bit of the street. If you like mixing and matching, use these for rear drive wheels and softer duro for front wheels.