Thoughts on the new propdrive motors?

Just saw that the V2 came out. Do you guys think there is there any real difference? Du ability? Performance and overheating? Here’s a link. Also has anyone noticed that the dimensions for the motors on hobbyking are wierd?

Says it uses “consistently rated magnets” and that’s an improvement as at least they bring up the idea that magnets are rated. Typical and every number except maybe the dimensions are likely made up. Same resistance and max wattage number as a similar scorpion motor despite a reduced voltage max and needing to be pumping 90 amps into the same resistance as the scorpion motor. Magical copper. On the iron side this surely has thicker laminations and more heat produced there. The big difference being the max temp ability of the magnets and therefore the motor. Unknown vs the highest temp ability which you can’t even find at something like 350f operating temp. I’d assume the hobbyKing is good to 180f

Hmm ok. I was also thinking about the torquboards 190kv motor. (For a dual drive) The propdrive are a bit cheaper but not as high quality.

How do u know not as high quality? What are u basing it on?

Well theres the known rep of hobbyking stuff to be not super high quality. Not saying it’s bad but lower price comes it drop in quality. I have seen videos and heard reviews of their motors having badly glued magnets and stiff wires that will break with time.