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Thoughts on the ZIPPY Compact 2700mAh 6S 25C Long Lipo Pack?

Hi there,

I’m looking for a 6s 5000mAh battery at an average C value of 20-30 and these are cheap and also are small form factor, in width and height, which would fit well on my board.

If I put two of these in parallel, wouldn’t the batteries act like a 5400 mAh 6s 25C battery?

Otherwise, I’m just a little concerned there is no reviews and not much feedback on the batteries around. Has anyone used a similar type of battery in a similar configuration?


Someone on this forum used it… Maybe @sl33py or @lowGuido

Edit: If you put them in parallel, yes, you would have 5.4ah 6S

I have used the zippy flightmax. Never had a problem in 2 years of use and over 800km