Thoughts on these direct drive Carvon V4 clones?

seems to be a good deal price wise for a chinese close of the carvon’s everyone here and their momma wants :rofl:

Give it a year or two and they’ll be all over the place for good prices. Probably best to wait this one out

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Took a look at that listing. Super unclear about what you get from photos. Abec? Kegel? Both? Neither?

My next build is going to incorporate something like this but I’m always willing to spend extra on reliability,by the time summer comes around hopefully there is a plethora of reviews on these types of direct drives.

I have an Inboard M1, and I know little to nothing about the electronics involved, so I am looking to get some advice from the ESK8 community. I’d like to attach these clones:

to my M1. Any reasons why that would be a bad idea?

Thanks - Marc

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@Hack, Refer to this thread.

3 people have already gotten theirs and of them, 2 have ridden with those DD and seem to have good initial opinion. And at least 2 more have bought it(including me) but haven’t received it yet.

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just kegel now, they used to make both, but some dumb customer told them he prefers boosted wheels so they decided to stop production on kegel adapters… lol

oh well, made my order and it should be arriving soon…

bought the boosted stealth clone wheels and the offroad rubber kegel style wheel, and the DKP drives :smiley:

Bump bumpity bump

What dies everyone think of their new dd’s then?