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Thoughts on this gear set from sdp-si

im trying to start my build and i was looking into the enertion 12mm set, but ive read that a 15mm would be better for someone my size and weight, ive looked at diy but they dont seem to have any in stock or ive missed it however i found this set

will this combo work together even though it needs to be modified with 83mm wheels and caliber trucks??

motor gear

wheel gear

If this is your first build I recommend that you spend the extra $$ on a mechanical power system kit. It makes the process much easier and faster.

I just bought all mine on eBay from China. Super cheap.

Yeah those would work, but you’d have to do a lot of modification.

You’d have to figure out how you’re going to fix the drive pulley to the motor ie keyway or grub screws. And if it’s not the same diameter as your motor shaft you’d have to bore it out.

You’ll also have to drill a really big hole in that wheel pulley to clear the trucks, not to mention drill holes in it to attach to your wheel. You’d also need some additional mounting hardware to clamp it on the wheel.

That drive gearing ratio looks a bit on the low end too, based on the fact that it seems like you’re quite heavy if you’re going 15mm belts. Depends on your electro-mechanical system though. What motor and voltage? You will also have to check that the centre distance of those pulleys and whichever belt you’re using works with your motor mount.

That’s the fun in DIY dude!

Finding drive pulleys with the right bore is easy.

Drilling and making it yourself is the best part.

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Exactly! That’s why I’m all for this option if the OP is willing to do the work.

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what is your motor kv? if it’s high like 260, then you might experience some motor clogging with the 17T. But if it is lower, say like 190, then 17T would be acceptable. But I generally don’t go higher than 16T, I find that 16T is the sweet spot for low kv motors. Hope that helps

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