Thoughts on this Kickstarter?

There’s the link, the early bird prices have piqued my interest though I think I’m being sold and would like some scrutiny from you guys please. Is this a good buy or some Chinese company making themselves out to be Uber quality SV-esque?


I like their presentation. The name is a bit weird… Kuick Board / Kuick wheel…

The guy who rode the small one looked like might fall a few times :smiley: at least he didnt look very stable (convincing) with the board… though the ride style of the second rider with the longer board was quite convincing…

So I assume they could have chose smaller person, with smaller feet for the small board demonstration not to look so awkward :smiley:

The second board sort of looks like ‘Knight Rider’ haha. Also very futuristic looking with all the lights.

The shot with going faster than a train was a good one… though im wondering was it because the train was going to stop any second at the stop or something :smiley: (it does look like it reaches a station and this is the only reason for it slowing down and skateboard passing it but the shot looks really nice non the less)

Side topic: I liked the idea they included ‘offroad’ shots… with uneven surfaces, just not sure how much such abuse these boards could take :slight_smile:

Well I mean the longboard is the safest, because it has lights. They said so… Some interesting industrial design. I don’t think these type of products are developed for the average eSk8 builder, I could be wrong but it looks more fashion/social focused? You likely need to be honest about what you want before some one can help guide you to if this suits you. I’d love to think there is a waterproof (IP…) sealed board that only weighed 3kg that could haul my 90 odd kg in to work each day and back up the hill to get home… but I’m just not sure it would work. my batteries weigh that much. Again comes back to what you want/need.

Thanks for the response, I weigh a similar amount and have built my own board already. The smaller one would be for my much smaller, much lighter wife and buying both for £500 seems like a decent deal considering my first build cost me 600. I’ll keep delving and see if anyone else points something out of further interest.

Find out the specs of the battery, motor/s, esc… take it from there.

I basically assume any new electric skateboard kickstarters are crap chinese things…but now…

Need to buy one for each foot

Lol 10char

"This is an electric longboard built with safety in mind" …continue to show tons of video footage of riders without helmets :unamused:

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Had a look and this is what they’re saying:

Cancellation and Re-launch

Dear Backers:

Due to the problem of the shipping cost. We are negotiating with logistics companies, and we’re trying to lower down the cost as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we’re also trying to ship to more countries as a lot of people want to buy but cannot. It’s hard for us to take few days to deal it. After hours of discussion, we realized, the best option for us is to cancel the campaign and take this as a learning lesson. Meanwhile, this will buy us more time to fix the aforementioned problems and then once we’re fully prepared we’ll re-launch it.

It’s a tough decision to make, but we hope you could understand us. We will find out more solution for the delivery to cut down the cost and deliver to more countries. It’s good for more people to enjoy our excellent products at a lower price.

Please go to and leave your email - so we can keep in touch. We’ll keep you updated, and you’ll get notified when we launch.

As the process now, we predict the problem will be fixed in at most 2 weeks, so we tentatively range the time of re-launch on August 8th. And we will inform you immediately if we know the time.

Thank you so much for your support! We hope you could continue to support us, and help us to reach the goal successfully next time.

PS: Since we’re going to launch in around two weeks, this wouldn’t delay the shipping date.

Kuickwheel SERPENT series Team