Thoughts on this "Kit"

Hey guys,

I’m thinking about getting this drive kit

Could you guys give me your opinion on this. Is it worth the price? Will it be good at climbing hills?


I’m not sure he’s a legit seller yet. Someone should make a thread… wait

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Could you just give me your thoughts on the kit :slight_smile:

if your gonna use it on 6s it looks fine

I’m using a 6s so that’s good. do you think it will be able to climb hills well?

probably some decent hills (maybe 20%), nothing crazy though (30%+)

hmmm ok, I got some very steep hills where I live. is 100A enough output to power these?

100a is plenty

Ok thats great.

Just checking this is right?

2x 5000mah 3s 20C lipo in series = 100a??

I purchased the single motor version. Still waiting on my esc. I’m sure changing the bearings will help.

  1. I can’t remove the set screws to adjust the motor height. I couldnt even hammer the motor mount to a different degree. We shall see how it holds up.

Ok. could you keep me updated thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve got these, haven’t been able to properly test them though. I’m planning on running them on 10S. I’m hoping I’ll be able to put a decent amount of motor amps through them without overheating but we’ll see. You’ll probably be fine at 20ish battery amps per motor so I wouldn’t worry about having a crazy high discharge battery.

The mounts are kinda annoying since they have no way to adjust belt tension so I may end up filing them out a little. Also there is a spacer between the wheel bearing and the pulley bearing and its inner diameter is bigger than the axle so it rattles around and gets really annoying. I ended up replacing it with a regular bearing spacer and some washers to make it long enough.

Also, the kingpin bolt isn’t really long enough for most bushings so I swapped out the baseplate to a caliber V2 one and now I’ve got some blood orange barrels on em since the bushings them come with are complete garbage.

I also swapped out the wheels to 83mm ABEC11 Flywheels and the axles are barely long enough to fit them, I had to remove some washers to get the nut on far enough so we’ll see how that holds up.

I may end up rewinding them to change the kV cause 270 is way to high for 10S but they might be able to put out the kind of power I’m looking for regardless.

Ok thanks for all the info. would 52A be enough then?

What about running parallel 10,000mah 3s Lipo. Ik 3s isn’t recommended but idk?

I’m not sure he’s a legit seller yet. Someone should make a thread… wait

Hey man stick to the script!


this is the riptide r1 drive train


Depends on which cells you’re using. As far as I know there’s no standard for testing safe discharge rates. Li-ion cells ratings are usually pretty accurate, however the same can’t be said for lipos, especially MultiStar. People usually assume they’re good for half of what their rated for. But yeah I’d shoot for around 60A.

I can always switch between them and see which i prefer

it looks like a boosted drive train too.


this is the same kit @diyeboard is peddling, shenzen seems to be mass producing this kit, used on benchwheel and others