Thoughts on Three wheel E sk8?

Pros and cons of a three wheel E sk8 ? I like this version of one with the bigger wheels. Also with the controller connected by cable instead of remote eliminates charging a remote and any connection problems. Like this one PNG PNG PNG PNG

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Not bad looking, I can see that being a good carving platform. The most immediate problem I see is designing and making a good sturdy mount for the rear wheel. Because it’s not yet a common item it’ll be more expensive to produce, maybe to the point where it’s not really cheaper than getting a pair of trucks. @Kug3lis , what do you think? You can use a regular deck as is, or cut a sizable slot in one to allow space for the wheel. Just remember that you’ll have less space for a large battery if you do that. Beyond that I think it’s a question of fine-tuning your balance.

i would love to see this setup so you could transition from 3 wheel for high speed riding to 1 wheel style for more manoeuvrability at low speed. i quite like the idea of being able to lift the front up for tight corners or bumps

Interesting idea. I was just thinking what kind of motor you would have to put on this, especially if you want to do single drive? Less weight means less torque needed, but you still need to adapt an existing mount to fit in there.

This one looks heavy. Rolling on one wheel mostly. Handy t have the front wheels for stability and when stood and speed if you lean forward I suppose.

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One of my favorite completely original builds

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Look forward to seeing the finished project in action

Hmmmm, keep it simple and basic ?

So, the type I was thinking about was with the drive wheel is like the picture in my first post. Not behind the back leg but the wheel between both feet. I suppose it’s like a ‘Onewheel’ with a truck on the front. I wonder if it would be good for learning with a small rear truck as well, like training wheels , or a wheelie bar, just raised off the ground with smaller skate wheels on .

Anorak234, Looking at your design where the drive wheel is fixed to the deck, have you thought of some sort of chain tensioner as there maybe flex with the ply deck as you stand on the board or bounce over rough terrain

This isn’t my build, it’s just one of my favorites. You could ask the builder, but it doesn’t look like he’s been around for a while.

Wheelie bar mod. Catch Catch33B7