Three wheel board

Hey ALL, I’m Q

This is my first build and I’m looking for suggestions, tip, parts list / where to buy from and just any advice you can give ME.

WISHLIST: I want to build a 3 wheel electric skateboard / all terrain skateboard. (kind of like the Frankenboard @jaybird build). I want 3 motors to power my board. I want big all terrain tires (im thinking 6", 8", or 9"). I don’t want my board to weigh more than 30 to 40 pounds. I want my board to go fast but also have a long lasting battery.

WHAT I BOUGHT/ HAVE: I just bought 3 direct current benchwheel B2/C2 max output:1800W motors. I also bought a Nunchuck and Wiiceiver (from @Pylonflyer , thanks I love it). And I have 8" wheel but looking to buy new ones.

Thanks in advance for all your help!!!

I don’t have any advice, but I have to say that your plan sounds absolutely badass. Best of luck!

Thanks (I’ll post pictures after its done).

Sounds good! But are you sure that the 1,8kW motors will be strong enough the push all this weight? What batteries will you be using?

Nope I’m not really sure, (calculations are not my strong point) I just have a wishlist. I’m open to suggestions. Do you have a battery in mind?

I don’t weight that much (125 pounds I think lol) and if we can get the board to weigh less that would be great as well.

Well, I honestly would go with a stronger motor, but since you have 3 of them… I don’t know. I can also just guess, you better ask someone professional. I firstly thought you mean 30-40kg the board should weight and was confused. Of course, 40 pounds is way lighter

Turning to the battery. It depends on your budget, the chemistry you want and the voltage! I don’t know how much voltage these motors can handle, but if you use these I’d recommend using the highest voltage the motors can handle! (W=V*A…) And since the Amps are steady, you’ll need to need to use as many volts as you can! It would be good to know what (V)ESC you wanna use and how many volts the motors can handle

Thanks, the motors can handle 110 to 120 volts. For the VESC I was looking at the new enertion VESC (because I really want Regenerative braking). I’ve also been looking at the VESC BLDC Open-Source Electric Skateboard ESC on eBay.

Motor : Rotating speed270kv(rpm/v)

Q like in James Bond :sunglasses:

So excited to start my 1st built :hugs::grin::relaxed: … Can anyone help me connect 3 ESCape to 1 battery?

I used these for my 4wd build they work well if you have the space for it.


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I totally have room, I’ve seen them before but it only comes in 3. I guess I would have buy 2 and than connect them together. Thanks so much!!!

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Yea that would work perfect I have 3 in my set up.