Throttle Curve Not Affecting Nano X Breaking

Okay so I have the TorqueBoards Nano X remote.

I have set the Throttle Expo and Throttle Break Expo to -100%, natural. The following is a picture of what it looks like in the VESC Tool.

My PPM Throttle Curve

This gives me a nice smooth and easy accel on the low end but its still nice and powerful on the high end. Its a nice accel curve for me. My problem is that no matter what I do the breaking is instantly 100% break the second you hit 16% on the remote. No matter what I set the curve to the breaking is instantly locking the wheels.

Once I set the Throttle Break Expo to -100% natural to match the accel and on the bench I actually got a nice smooth break and it was perfect, but the second I saved the config and disconnected the VESC and restarted the board It went straight back to instant 100% break no smooth no curve no nothing.

Can anyone provide any insight on how to get a smooth break experience with the most recent VESC Tool and the Nano X remote?

Have you tried to Turn on the remote Push all the way up Push all the way down Then turn in the board?

I read about all the calibrating stuff and yes I tried it and it didn’t change anything that I could tell

Are you testing this out on the bench or actualy toad testing?

Both, on the bench and off i cant seem to get a smooth brake. But Ill make changes and test both every iteration.

That happened to me before, i redo all my vesc settings and forget the throttle curve.

Ok, then my next guess is you motor max settings are a bit high (which is fine)

Another thing you can try is put a really exagerated curve

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i’m using as exaggerated of a curve as i can but the -100% expo does feel any different than the 0% expo, so somethin’ ain’t right. The graphs look entirely different but don’t seem to make a difference.

What are your motor and battery mins?

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Both motors are set to -60 min 60 max. What is a battery min?