Throttle/esc problem

Hi. When i hit full throttle for a couple of seconds it loses its speed. any idea why? uploaded a video on youtube.

What ESC are you using, and full bettery setup, please

Also the vesc settings from app would be usefull.

Are your batteries full ?

Do you have another remote ? Maybe it’s losing the signal. or the throttle is not working good…

i use the xcar beast series 150a esc.
The batteries i use is 6 of these, they are currently at 3.75 each battery so they should not be empty

I’m having a similar issue which only started to occur today, when I’m riding I will have my throttle on full yet my motor will jitter on and off and a similar situation when braking. However it won’t happen when I’m not stood on the board - it works fine I have no idea what is wrong with it. My remote it the Nano-X