Throttle peoblem

Hi I’m new here , and I have a question . I’m having a Maytech VESC I control with a servo tester (which t It has modified a hall sensor, a thumb throttle , when I push the throttle it stops and when I release it it accelerates , does anybody have any idea how to overturn it ? In the BLDC TOOL I didn’t find anything that can help . Thanks

Turn everything off and swap any two of the three motor wires would be my first move. That’s how I reverse the direction for my esk8’s. if you are running sensored foc or hybrid then I would wait for a more experienced user to answer. There may be more to it than I know.

Good luck.

Did you run motor detection and set you min and max pulse width values?

I have the min pulse to 1.25 and max about 1.50 , but when I press the throttle is 1.25 and when I release it is 1.50 and I don’t see any option that inverts that :confused:

It’s not the motor direction it’s the throttle that works inverted .

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ok so i had this issue as well… i fixed it by ppm calibration

too be more specific watch the display when you hold the throttle down… record that value and then make it your min… i beleive this is how i fixed it

do you have winning remote?

Could your potentiometer you use as throttle be wired upside down?

I thought this as well when I first got my remotes,so I tested another one. it seems all my winning remotes, do this right out of the bag.

Sorry I don’t know that remote. Is it maybe possible it has a invert switch like some remotes have for the direction wheel.

well that does not do anything at all , no I don’t have a remote , I have a thumb trottle connected (bypass) in a servo tester

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ahh I mis-read… that looks like a really neat setup!! talk to senior waffle…maybe he can help ya!

I don’t know , I can try it but if I burn it I’ll need a month until I recieve another one (Aliexpress)

Well I’m new here :stuck_out_tongue:I don’t know anyone I’m trying to put it in reverse and change the motor wires but it does not go reverse at all and I don’t know why

can u see input in display in bldc… I’m fresh off the boat as well, found my home XD

Btw I have an alien power systems 6374 60kv that says max 10s I l ask them and they told me it can handle 12s but they have not tested it , any idea ?

if you can see input in bloc ppm window, then it might just be programming… ya motor/battery rating is fine I believe…always seek a second or third opinion =)

I can’t see any input in BLDC :stuck_out_tongue:

It will take a lot of stress and I’m trying to find a way to have it cool and I think 12s is better than 10s , I’m also thinking to change from BLDC mode to FOC but many guys say it might destroy the VESC

You may need to get a different servo tester. I had the same problem a couple of years ago.

Yes I did that but the throttle works inverted more pulse when free less pulse when pushed